The Best Ways to Support your Employees Post-Pandemic

The pandemic is thankfully coming to an end but one thing is for sure, even if it is not ending as we expected but “life” is returning. Once empty malls and plazas are open once again welcoming people wholeheartedly. 

Nothing is the same anymore our lives have been turned topsy turvy. From our daily routine to our social events everything has changed. In order for us to survive the best thing we can do is to manage our lives accordingly, we cannot go back and keep doing what we were doing. Since the pandemic, our lives have changed and we are changing with it. 

So after the pandemic, there are things that we need to do to stay ahead of the curve. Also, we need to understand the fact that the responsibility falls on the shoulder of the offices and organization to make their employees feel welcomed at their workplaces. There are a few steps that an organization can take to help their employees settle in nicely


Take the foot off the gas

Employees coming back to work from their remote offices need to be treated with care, you cannot make them dive directly into work. They are coming back from a very different time and it will take time for them to settle into an office, get used to the routine and people. It is a tedious process but after a week or two, they will all feel comfortable. Take the foot off the gas for your employees and give them time to understand the scenario. 


Maintain social distancing 

Letting everyone back to the office with no S.O.P’s is an issue that will create havoc as they will not be used to crowds. The thing about social distancing is that it will not only clear any doubts regarding the dangers of infection but inculcate a social responsibility into the masses. It is important to keep the SOP’s intact for future references. 


Organize team activities

Coming back after such a  long time the teams forget if they have gelled together. The perfectly working cog ceases to exist. For your business’ sake, it is important that they keep on working together and keep their channels of communication open otherwise you will be into a long comeback. As there will be communication issues and for you to resolve those issues it is important that you organize a group activity that breaks the ice and smooths out rough edges. 


Employees need to be heard

After they have returned back to work in a post COVID environment there is ample need to understand the fact employees’ concerns need to be addressed. You will not get back the perfect employee you hired but the one you will get will need a pat on their back and would require confidence. You must be willing to lend a shoulder to the needs of the employees. So listen to your employee and address their concerns otherwise you can keep on working remotely. 


Accept the employee’s sluggishness

Remote work or work from home will indeed make employees lazy. They will not be dynamic as they once were, it will take time for them to get back to their old self. You need to accept them for what they have become as an old saying goes “the only way is through”. You need to push them to become better but at the same time, you have to accept the fact that it is a time taking process so be patient with what you got.  


Awareness and education is the way forward

Remember since most of the staff would have been in intense lockdown. The need for regular awareness is never lost. You must keep communicating with your team members and your office members about the need to keep following the protocol advised by the government. Sometimes you need to understand that people will be looking to rush towards the “normal” it is your duty to make the people understand that it is not over yet. So make sure that you educate the masses for not leaving the said protocols. 


Be prepared for a few shocks

Coming back from a mass lockdown to openness you can expect a few hiccups irrelevant of the size. Do not scold your team members over it, remember they are also coming back form a major change and shifting back towards the office. So it is only natural that you give them a bit of levy in their approach, ignore the minor mistakes, and try to be patient. At the back of your mind, you need to be ready for a few shocks. There might be a few hiccups that might need dealing with. 



Remember the pandemic has changed the world and also changed everyone. Life as we know it is over. This has been a paradigm shift and it was never going to be easy, the important part is that you keep everyone together “rhetorically”. Also, remember this is only the beginning the real impact of COVID is yet to be seen. So be ready and remember you and your team both will face repercussions. However, these above-mentioned steps can ease a lot of pressure on employees and can help your business get back to usual. 

How to make your employees happy and feel valued? | Staff Timer App

The core of any organization is her employees. Everything good comes from the core of the organization. A well drilled and gelled core means a seamless flow of work and competitive productivity. A happy employee is 12% more productive than an unhappy employee. 

Now, what if the core is rotten, figuratively, if it is not well drilled or well gelled? The results could be detrimental. An unhappy employee could wreak havoc upon an organization. For your organization to work like a well-oiled machine your employees need to be happy and content. So how do you actually achieve that? Raise, promotion, or gifts. There are several ways to achieve this. But which one actually works? The jaw-dropping fact, however, is that over 80% of employees consider cash gifts as a source of optimal satisfaction as compared to any other means.

The Staff Timer App is here to reveal what exactly does an employee want from their organization. 


What exactly does an employee want?

There is exactly no telling what each employee might want. One thing is for sure that every employee wants job security. That is the first thing that every employee wants. Everything else becomes secondary. Also, a survey claims that employees who have a secure job are 17% more productive as compared to temporary employees. So it is pretty clear that employees want security. Their priority is job security, everything else comes secondary. 


Happy employees 

Since we have established the primary objective of any employee, let’s figure out the rest of the canons related to employee happiness. Employee happiness is measured only through response and productivity. 

There are ways that you can keep your employee happy. Staff Timer App equipped with automated payroll makes sure that an employee gets paid for their overtime and their efforts do not go unnoticed at all.


Appreciate your employees

Appreciation has to be the cornerstone of success and productivity every person is built differently. Some relish the extreme pressure and competitive environment others often need an arm around there shoulder and a pat on their backs. Appreciation goes a long way an employee feels wanted. It helps them grow and do their best in the coming days. 


Rewards are essential

A survey claimed that the majority of the employees would love to receive a cash prize as compared to a gift of any other kind. This shows the importance of monetary appraisals in the life of an employee. Appraisals are important to do so the organization could hold a monthly or quarterly get to gather or an online session amid the pandemic. This keeps the entire team gelled together and communication remains fluid. Here is an interesting fact regarding the recognition that a company provides: only 42% of employees are happy with the recognition provided by their companies. 


Promotion is a secret

Timely promotions and increments are the real crux of keeping an employee happy, promotion keeps an employee hopeful, and also it keeps the company on the right path. Promotion is the goal of every employee and if the organization is doing so it means that they care about the employee. 



Everything great in this world is made up of one and only one thing: a healthy core. The core decides where the organization must face. The core of an organization is its employees. However, these employees need to be healthy and happy for the organization to progress further. A study claims that it is harder to retain an employee than it is to hire one. This alone tells the importance of employee satisfaction in the company. Staff Timer LTD believes in the satisfaction of her employees. 

8 Types of Management Styles for Efficient Leadership

Some people are born to lead while others need to practice hard at it. For those who want to work hard on different types of management styles, this article is going to be of tremendous help.

There are different styles of management and no one can say only one is right while all the others are wrong. In fact, truly great leaders incorporate different styles in order to make their leadership more effective. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about ten types of management styles for effective leadership. So let’s get into it!

The Most Effective Types of Management Styles

The truly honest answer is that no one type of management style is the best for all situations. 

The ideal types of management styles should be appropriate, flexible, and effective for all circumstances. As we all know, different situations require different kinds of leadership.  

Effective leaders always take a number of considerations before deciding to lead. Some factors that’ll influence your management style include:

    • Type of business 
    • The volume of incomplete work
    • Your natural personality and management qualities
    • Your staff’s quirks and personalities

After taking all of these factors into consideration, you’ll be ready to take effective action. 

Why Learn Different Management Styles

Identifying your own management style or knowing which style works in which situation will have a big impact on the day-to-day business operations. 

Here’s how learning different management styles can make you successful:

    • You won’t have to rely on trends
    • You’ll comprehend how to adapt
    • You’ll learn how to engage your employees
    • You’ll identify your weaknesses and how to improve them

Different Types of Management Styles for Efficient Leadership  

  • Democratic Management Style

Democratic management style involves taking the point-of-view of staff in company decisions. This type of management style lets your employees know that you respect them and their abilities. It also shows confidence in your own leadership skills

You won’t have to rule with an iron fist and always be severe with your employees. Your staff will be empowered and you’ll simply have to oversee the direction of your company. 

  • Inspirational Management Style

To inspire people is no walk in the park. But when done in the right manner, it has proven to be very effective. 

To practice the inspirational management style, you’ll need excellent people skills, a big heart, and a desire to improve your employees both professionally and personally. 

  • Authoritative Management Style

Most people prefer a democratic management style but sometimes specific situations call for a dictator of sorts. For example, imagine you’re a new manager who needs to bring order to a chaotic office. The best possible approach is to be strict and to take disciplinary action when necessary. 

But keep in mind an authoritative management style doesn’t ask you to be rude to your employees. 

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  • Result-Based Management Style

Result-based managers want one thing from their employees: efficiency. They don’t want to hear how things are done as long as they’re done well and in the quickest possible manner. 

If employees come up with a better way of doing things then these managers are happy to make changes to the company policy. Only results and output matter in the end. 

  • Collaborative Management Style

The collaborative management style might sound similar to the democratic management style but differs in one major way. 

In a collaborative management style, managers don’t just simply ask for a generic vote from their employees—they actively seek feedback from their team members. 

Collaborative managers want a genuine thoughtful conversation about their business. This empowers their staff and makes them feel as if they’re an integral part of the company. 

  • Example-Setting Management Style

As the name suggests, managers using this style consistently set an example for their employees to follow. This allows workers to know what kind of standards are being expected of them. 

The bar is always set by the manager’s actions and methods. This type of management style can even change the ethics and working style of a working environment. 

  • Strategic Management Style

Strategic managers don’t waste their time on the minute details of day-to-day business operations. They’re concerned about the entire forest instead of just the trees. 

These managers are comfortable with letting their assistants oversee most of the daily responsibilities. While staff looks into the everyday mundane work, strategic managers are busy planning the next phase of expansion. 

  • Charismatic Management Style

The charismatic management style—also known as a persuasive management style—depends on the personality of the manager. 

In this type of management style, the managers focus on developing personal relationships with their staff and team members. Their employees in return appreciate the fact that their boss is genuinely interested in getting to know them better. 

Key Takeaways

Experienced managers will know how to successfully incorporate the above-mentioned types of management styles in their daily activities and tasks.

How To Not Get Distracted and Stay Focused at Workplace

Workplace and professional life carry many challenges, one of those is simply getting distracted. The reasons are not limited to any particular kind. Some of the most common and troubling ones are addressed here.

Some colleagues are factories of noise pollution

While some healthy chit chat or even cracking a joke once in a while is healthy with coworkers. But some inherently seek overdose. They just can’t stay focused on their work or let others do the same. Even their sitting postures can cause vibration across the whole table.



They will constantly try to nudge you or drag you into their useless chattering. As a result, by the end of the day, you will be rushing like headless chickens to meet deadlines.

How to fix them? 

Various forms of treatment can be applied to them. If they repeatedly address you, start wearing headphones so they know you aren’t available to chat. But some fellas are hell stubborn to disturb others. Create a distance! Moving away from your current location can be an escape while you are trying to concentrate.

Choose a peaceful corner in your office. Only a creep will come after you there. Try to communicate your concerns to them in a polite manner but if they still happen to ignore, then talking to seniors remains an alternative.

Even a work environment can be a nuisance

Sometimes you are working on an important task for a period longer than your colleagues were required to. They are a bit relaxed, and done with the heavier work of the day. They may want to have some fun time but you are getting disturbed.

It’s not on purpose vendetta against you so don’t hesitate in making it known. Do tell them that you need a space. Also, keep your surroundings clean, otherwise seeing clutter around can make you feel irritated and then distracted obviously. 

Keep the social media temptations away! 

How many likes my latest pic received? Well if you posted a recent pic of yours to flaunt away your latest branded dress or lunch in a posh cafe. You are going to have a constant urge to checking your social media account to see how many likes or comments you got?

If your phone remains right in front of you. No matter how hard you resist, you gonna break your resolve after some time. 



So basically switch off your phone and place it at some remote albeit secured area. So the idea of it being away from reach can deter your motivation for wasting time. 

Emails aren’t the most important business

Some people start wasting their peak productive hours in time consuming and least valuable task of responding to the emails. Try to answer them in between important assignments. Even then see which emails are worthy of reply and which ones are to mark spam. 

Sleep recharges your physical energy

A good amount of sleep and consistent sleeping pattern are necessary to remain active at work. Otherwise, you will feel drowsy and listless so a healthy lifestyle is a key to focus. Never forget to add a nutritious diet. 

Some soul searching is necessary

Sometimes the fountain of distraction is located inside you. Explore and fix it. Any form of stress or long-standing depression can contribute towards it. If you are facing some struggle in your personal life you will naturally feel diverted at work. Talk to your seniors or mentors.

Discuss to find a way out. Maybe a flexible work routine or readjustment of workload schedule. Or if you need more time you can utilize your reserved holidays to fix the issue and return to work with revitalized energy. 

Its a bigger issue for freelancers!

When you are working from home, you can have a long list of distractions. It can be your attention-seeking pet or a child. It can be a sibling listening to loud music or the sound of the washing machine. All you need is a peaceful corner at home or maybe at a nearby coffee house.

Choose a space that comforts you the most. Wear headphones to block distracting noise. Turn off the phone. And indulge kids or pets with some activity. 

But still, there is a chance you end up wasting time. Then a foolproof answer is using a staff time monitoring tool. Yes, your client can confirm that you worked for the decided number of hours and won’t create trouble while paying you.

But it will help you to stay organized as well. When you know you are being monitored with time tracking software. A little reason is there to let distractions overcome you. 

Not only for freelancers employee monitoring software can help any employee to stay safe from distractions. When one knows they have to complete a particular task or tasks in that given time. They will try their best to remain focused and deliver as much as they can.