Blog Work Place August 7, 2020 How to make your employees happy and feel valued? | Staff Timer App ByStaff Timer App

The core of any organization is her employees. Everything good comes from the core of the organization. A well drilled and gelled core means a seamless flow of work and competitive productivity. A happy employee is 12% more productive than an unhappy employee. 

Now, what if the core is rotten, figuratively, if it is not well drilled or well gelled? The results could be detrimental. An unhappy employee could wreak havoc upon an organization. For your organization to work like a well-oiled machine your employees need to be happy and content. So how do you actually achieve that? Raise, promotion, or gifts. There are several ways to achieve this. But which one actually works? The jaw-dropping fact, however, is that over 80% of employees consider cash gifts as a source of optimal satisfaction as compared to any other means.

The Staff Timer App is here to reveal what exactly does an employee want from their organization. 


What exactly does an employee want?

There is exactly no telling what each employee might want. One thing is for sure that every employee wants job security. That is the first thing that every employee wants. Everything else becomes secondary. Also, a survey claims that employees who have a secure job are 17% more productive as compared to temporary employees. So it is pretty clear that employees want security. Their priority is job security, everything else comes secondary. 


Happy employees 

Since we have established the primary objective of any employee, let’s figure out the rest of the canons related to employee happiness. Employee happiness is measured only through response and productivity. 

There are ways that you can keep your employee happy. Staff Timer App equipped with automated payroll makes sure that an employee gets paid for their overtime and their efforts do not go unnoticed at all.


Appreciate your employees

Appreciation has to be the cornerstone of success and productivity every person is built differently. Some relish the extreme pressure and competitive environment others often need an arm around there shoulder and a pat on their backs. Appreciation goes a long way an employee feels wanted. It helps them grow and do their best in the coming days. 


Rewards are essential

A survey claimed that the majority of the employees would love to receive a cash prize as compared to a gift of any other kind. This shows the importance of monetary appraisals in the life of an employee. Appraisals are important to do so the organization could hold a monthly or quarterly get to gather or an online session amid the pandemic. This keeps the entire team gelled together and communication remains fluid. Here is an interesting fact regarding the recognition that a company provides: only 42% of employees are happy with the recognition provided by their companies. 


Promotion is a secret

Timely promotions and increments are the real crux of keeping an employee happy, promotion keeps an employee hopeful, and also it keeps the company on the right path. Promotion is the goal of every employee and if the organization is doing so it means that they care about the employee. 



Everything great in this world is made up of one and only one thing: a healthy core. The core decides where the organization must face. The core of an organization is its employees. However, these employees need to be healthy and happy for the organization to progress further. A study claims that it is harder to retain an employee than it is to hire one. This alone tells the importance of employee satisfaction in the company. Staff Timer LTD believes in the satisfaction of her employees.