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These form the basis of our service.

Minute by Minute

Capture screenshots after every minute to track time efficiently.

Daily Diary

Day end video compiled from screenshots for a quick view of logs.

Record and Go

Assign tasks effectively through two-way voice recording communication.

Live Logs

Real-time Reporting via live screen sharing to track team productivity.


Communicate with your team efficiently and assign tasks in a matter of seconds.


Manage Companies with a Click! Add, edit or remove a company efficiently. View the number of active projects and the collective hours invested in your company.


Comprehensive stats and projects view allows you to view the number of active employees & projects, productive daily hours, employees involved in each project and their progress.


View individual projects, hours invested and employees working on each. Create, edit, view or archive projects. Add or remove the team members actively working on each.

Team Members

A quick glance at the team members and their logged hours. Invite new members, assign projects or team members, view real-time screens and intelligent reports.


Elaborate task records with the option to add, view, edit, record and assign new tasks to one or more team members and projects. Use of filters enables ease of search.

Work Diary

Screenshots taken every minute can be viewed for each team member. Quickly convert all or specific screenshots to a short video, using the ‘Create Video’ option.


Intelligent reports with task details for each team member, along with screenshots categorized task-wise. Track progress of projects and team members effectively.

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