Meet the force behind Stafftimer App

Victor Fredung – CEO

Victor has been working with freelancers and remote workers for a long time, that’s why in order to ensure work clarity and transparency to workers he came up with this idea. As teams working together but located across borders needed a single platform to communicate and stay on one page. Thus, enabling proper accountability without hindrance and ensuring everyone is doing what they were actually hired to do.

Victor Fredung – CEO

Shahid Hanif – CTO

Shahid Hanif – CTO

Shahid has vast experience of working as a freelancer with clients from all over the world, that’s why he understands the challenges faced by freelancers today. Freelancers do not work in a proper office setting that is why their income is solely based on the quantity of work completed within a specific time frame. He saw it as an opportunity and developed a solution to fulfill this gap between freelancers and employers leading to a better experience.

Teamwork makes the dream work

We prefer workplace diversity:

3 timezones, 25+ people and one super amazing team. We have a very cool team of people from
different cultural backgrounds and are continuously expanding our team, globally.

We encourage communication:

Our door is always open to communication and suggestions. Our working environment feels like home,
where everyone has the freedom to express themselves without fear.

Laughter is our motivator:

We enjoy a hearty laugh at the workplace. Happy people make up happy working spaces.