Automating Remote Employee Monitoring

Meet the Force Behind

Muhammad Arslan has been working with his development team for a very long time. He began to conceive the idea of a time tracking app after facing constant management issues regarding his 200+ workforce. His employees were working hard but their overall productivity was on a downward trajectory. He was also working with a lot of freelance and remote workers with whom work clarity and transparency were almost non-existent.

Coming Up with A Great Solution

To help his employees improve their output, Staff Timer app came into being. It tracked employee hours and allowed Arslan to monitor their work activities. This created an environment in which employees were being held accountable for their daily output.
The software was an instant success as employee productivity improved by at least 50% in the first month alone.

Effectively Tracking Remote Team’s Progress

Staff Timer gave Arslan the confidence to allow his team to work from home. From worrying about their performance to letting them work from their house, that’s a big change for the better.
The remote employees were happy as well because they no longer had to follow strict office hours.

Distributing Bonuses

With Staff Timer’s employee time tracking feature, Arslan had it easier than ever to distribute monthly bonuses. How? Well, the app made it pretty simple to spot employees that performed well relative to the work that they put in.

Helping Freelancers

Arslan understands the challenges faced by freelancers today. Freelancers do not work in a proper office setting and their income is based on the quantity of work completed within a specific time frame. Seeing how effective Staff Timer was for his own employees, he saw it as an opportunity to close the gap between freelancers and employers.

Where We Are Now

Experiencing Staff Timer’s amazingly effective functionalities for himself, Arslan decided to improve the app and introduce new features so that other businesses can take advantage of its amazing functionalities as well.

Today, Staff Timer is one of the best time tracking application in the market. Its already helped countless employers improve their employees’ work ethic and even simplify their complex professional relationships. And now it’s ready to take the next step.

Teamwork makes the dream work

We prefer workplace diversity:

3 timezones, 25+ people and one super amazing team. We have a very cool team of people from different cultural backgrounds and are continuously expanding our team, globally.

We encourage communication:

Our door is always open to communication and suggestions. Our working environment feels like home, where everyone has the freedom to express themselves without fear.

Laughter is our motivator:

We enjoy a hearty laugh at the workplace. Happy people make up happy working spaces.