Time tracking software
for global industries

  • Achieve your professional goals and targets
  • Boost employees efficiency within your industry
  • Streamline your work processes, and reduce costs
  • Get real-time insights & manage your growing teams
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Call Center

Software Development

Be it a creation of a new product in the form of some innovative app or identifying bugs. Observe productivity levels in order to devise more informed future strategies and budgeting.

  • Track progress & hours worked of your entire software development team
  • Pay developers based on the time they worked by calculating total hours
  • Track productivity through screenshots & daily work videos
  • Monitor progress of remote developers through real-time monitoring


Whether it’s dealing with clients, bringing something innovative to the table or designing things. Stafftimer app provides:

  • Designers can easily boost self-productivity through image & video logs
  • Stay in the loop with your team of designers through real-time screen monitoring, and task management
  • Streamline time tracking for your remote design teams


  • Automate online examination for virtual studies through real-time screen monitoring
  • Track the time spent on final year projects or group assignments
  • Improve students productivity by using intelligence reports for evaluation
  • Calculate daily average time spent in the library for publications or research
  • Know the total time spent on studies in distance education systems


You can bill your clients with proof from the automated time monitoring system and never stress about losing what
you deserved.

  • Easily track your project’s profitability through a time tracker
  • Maximize your revenue & bill clients for every working minute
  • Visually check the progress of your tasks through video logs
  • Effortlessly monitor time, & earn your client’s trust


With Stafftimer web, and desktop apps for Mac, and Windows, freelancers can simply just start the timer and begin working.

  • Provides you insights into how the time is actually spent via real-time monitoring
  • Assign various audio and written tasks within a project to specific team members
  • Get detailed intelligence reports of active windows on their PCs
  • Identify loopholes, gaps, & inefficiencies in workflow
  • Stay organized, and focused on tasks to enhance overall productivity


Stafftimer gives you a record of your work activities throughout the day. Manage your internal costs by knowing exactly how much time you spent on marketing activities:

  • Know how much time was spent on prospecting for new clients
  • Track tasks to determine exactly where your budget went
  • Estimate how much time you need for each campaign
  • Keep a record of all your marketing activities such as emails, social media management, & contents


Healthcare services such as old age homes, hospices, and rehabs are very often excluded by companies providing the software.

  • Make assigning shifts super simple through audio clips
  • Accurately track time spent with each patient through seamless time tracking
  • Calculate the average weekly time spent by a doctor on surgeries & operations.
  • Remotely monitor the work progression of virtual doctors


For accountancy firms, deadlines are very important as they deliver results that are subsequently used to make informed corporate decisions.

  • Allocate specific time to tasks, projects, and people
  • Track progress against time logged and provide work-evidence to your clients
  • Keep track of the time spent on taxation, book-keeping, monetary transactions
  • Keep unethical practices at bay while handling financial information through real-time monitoring


  • Show proof of work done to your clients through reports and visual insights
  • Use saved time to concentrate on your clients’ needs
  • Organize all your tasks and projects to successfully meet client deadlines
  • Manage employees and accurately evaluate their performance
  • Leverage real-time monitoring to get a bigger picture regarding business operations

BPO / Call Centers

Support staff deals with customer support and complaints around the clock and scheduling them can be a hassle. But with Staff timer app for call centers, you can easily:

  • Track time spent by each agent on supporting customers
    and complaints
  • Sort time entries based on agent, date, and month or year
  • Easily identify the activities of employees working in different shifts
  • Timesheets tool gives you access to attendance management