Why Time Management Software is required Post COVID-19?

With the advent of pandemic and working indoors,  the need of management software was felt. For this reason there was mushroom growth in daily time trackers and task management sites and softwares. 

Now since the pandemic has passed and offices are opening up again, the question is how to use time management software now. As the remote work is now being abandoned, the big question is how to integrate these softwares with our offices now! 

So how do you manage the offices with a time management software:


Post-pandemic scenario

The life after pandemic has changed everything, from quarantine to social distancing. We have changed our life and goals. From a 10 years goal we are now looking at surviving a year barely.

Our business has felt the full force of pandemic. When we were working from home there was one and only one goal, to survive and since we survived now we have to look at ways that would ease our integration back into the “normal” world. 

The post pandemic era leads us back to where we started. One thing is for sure now that this pandemic has changed our lives in every imaginable way, so we cannot go back doing the same thing that got us here in the first place.


Why do you need time management software even now?

This here is the million dollar question that what do we do now with our: employee management software. The popular notion would be to not use the software at all as now the offices have reopened and the employee and employer distances are now no more so we need to look at it.

We simply cannot revert back to our old ways. So even though the pandemic is over we are still looking at how to effectively use these helping tools so we can build a better and seamless workflow. So here is why you need Staff Timer App even post COVID.

When pandemic struck and we moved indoors for quarantine there was a major disrupt in working flows. To make it seamless and keep the work going we took the help of various softwares that would help us feel comfortable while working remotely.

Now as life has changed and we are slowly resuming our work from the designated offices the need for such remote employee management apps are not required at all, or are they? 

What Staff Timer App does is that it keeps your team active and you in pole position to assign tasks individually. With the Staff Timer App’s, “Record & Assign” feature you can assign tasks through voice notes from anywhere and share the screens of your team and assign tasks through that along with audio. 


Save additional costs

The pandemic has adversely affected the economy it is not without question that your business might be looking on the downturn. The best way you can do is to cut your extra costs, since the offices have resumed it means a lot of cost (extravagance) will resume as well.

What if a software can cut that cost drastically, that is what Staff Timer App does it can perform all the functions that an admin performs. It is more reliable and not prone to error. Imagine all you can do with additional revenue, not much but still save enough to save your business. 


Progression in the time of regression

The real people of progression are those who would accept that future is here and integrate their lives with it. If you stand in the way of progress you will be made irrelevant and the best way you can avoid being irrelevant is by adopting the solutions that would keep you ahead of the curb.

This is exactly what Staff Timer App does, equipped with endless features that allow you to optimize the productivity of your teammates by allowing you to manage them seamlessly. Features like automated payroll and online attendance with live screen monitoring is the futuristic way to go about the business after pandemic. We have up-till now battled a pandemic, survived quarantine, we can certainly cannot go back to our old ways that have led us here. 


The high end solution

Staff Timer App is a high end solution to all your recurring problems when it comes to management. Life after pandemic has changed a lot and this app has features that can help you in the future. The sleek and seamless task tracker helps you keep your entire day organized. You can mark your tasks complete and be more productive in the time. 



The pandemic has taught us one thing and that one thing is that we can survive if we want to survive. The precautions are a necessity but if you can adjust this it will be the best thing you could do for your business and your future.

Staff Timer App is not your regular time management app, it bases its expertise on tracking your tasks throughout the day and that is what a modern task management app must be doing, not enslaving the employees but empowering them.

Why is your time tracking software lacking when you are paying top dollar for it?

The year 2020 has made one thing clear: “the show must go on”, no matter how disastrous the atmosphere is, the show does go on at all costs. The apparent or real, dysfunction and restriction posed on the society owing to this hellish pandemic, every function of the society was halted, but after sometime everything started working and adapting.

This is where work from home comes in handy and the global economy survived to some extent. As everything moved indoors, there was an urgent need to monitor employees. It not only saved jobs and economy but also created a lot of jobs. It opened up an avenue for remote workers and the organisations started hiring remote talent, thus expanding themselves. 

The mushroom growth in monitoring software was seen and many organisations opted for automated solutions while offloading expenses. Even though organisation were paying top dollar for the services they were consuming. Still there were issues regarding team management. So let’s see why your app is still not up to the mark.


Limited Features

Most of the apps use the simple and basic features such as “screenshots”. These features might be needed by some clients but limiting the client to these features is nothing short of a mistake. 

Whether you are managing a remote team or an office either way, you can certainly not hope to fulfil the requirements of successful leadership when all you have to show is a screenshot. There are several needs that should be catered and this is one of the reasons that your app is not running to their full capacity. So how can you achieve full capacity. So let’s explore the one main feature that you are missing out hugely and it is as follow:


Record and Assign Tasks

That there is the secret to Staff Timer App’s success, providing the only feature that is capable of boosting your business and can take you to the next step. Now what exactly is record and assign tasks?

What is Record and Assign?

The record and assign feature allows you to do so much for your employees and team while demanding so little. This is a revolutionary feature now you can not only assign tasks but also record the task that is being worked upon.

This is one of the best features that you can ask for and for an extra tidbit it is only available here. So what does it do? The idea behind this feature is to provide the task and tracking in the same feature, now you can do a-lot with this feature.

It allows the lead to give instant feedback and not only that you can share screen and assign tasks to individual team members. The best thing about this feature is that it will be replacing the office and save your office expenses, cutting it down by 40%. Amazing isn’t it? You can now provide description and assign tasks in seconds, record voice notes along with your screen and attach documents. 

In short you can perform all those tasks through an app that would otherwise be done by a team, or an administration team. So for you it is not only cutting your cost but also getting your work done through automation. 


Cut Extra Costs 

An average monitoring app costs per user is around $7 so the bigger the team, the bigger the cost. While you are paying so much you are not getting anything else than screenshots and an app that runs in the background irritating your users. 

In a sense you are not only paying for that app but also for the administration services that are running you dry. Operational costs are cut drastically as the world has already moved towards digitisation, why should you work in an analogue world then? The ultimate future is an absolute automation from home to work, with minimal cost.



The Staff Timer App believes in complete automation of the workplace, we want to accommodate and facilitate the client in the best possible way we can! It not only automates the process but also cuts the cost of operations and administration panels altogether. 

The record and assign feature of the Staff Timer App is a revolutionary feature to manage teams, tasks instantly and get the best out of your team. 

Is Digital Entrepreneurship a by Product of COVID-19?

Humans are survivors by nature, put them in a pit and they will climb out of it and do make that pit a well. There is always that has been motivating humans to do better, to go further, and work harder and smarter.

We have all heard the phrase “necessity is the mother of invention” if necessity is the mother of invention then by this logic each and every move made for the betterment of the society has been led by the fact that it was felt a necessity. In recent times the work from home became a necessity and it gave birth to a new world of digitization. 

Digital entrepreneurship describes how entrepreneurship will change due to the digitization of the market. It is not a new term but since the pandemic, it has been used more commonly. 

The question, however, is that has it been a by-product of COVID-19 or is it due to the gradual digitization of the world. 

So let’s take a look at how digital entrepreneurship actually started and how it impacted the world during the pandemic. Before we further explore the topic lets take a quick look at this mind-blowing stat, even though 2020 has been the worst year in every relatable term: 22.7% of startups failed during 2020 which is the lowest

It is amazing once you consider the overall economic depression we are facing globally. 


A Brief History of Digital Entrepreneurship

For us to understand the current, apparent, boom we must analyze from where it started. So let’s travel upstream a little. There is no question regarding the fact that the most important shift in human history has been caused by or through digitization. It is a factor that cannot be ignored. Digital technologies have become the backbone of the economy being integrated in administration, finances, communication, and obviously entertainment. 

So how did digital entrepreneurship actually started, before that take a load of this:

European Commission defines digital entrepreneurship as creating new ventures and transforming existing businesses by developing novel digital technologies that help people with their issues in giving direction to their businesses. 

To trace the evolution of entrepreneurship we can go back in history to trace the first American Entrepreneur in George Washington as claimed by Forbes. It is something that has grown with the growth of the internet.


The Truth about Digital Entrepreneurship

Now since we have a fair enough idea that digitization of the world caused digital entrepreneurship to have mushroom growth. It would only serve our purpose to dive a bit further and explore every possible angle. There seems like a strange relationship between age and monetary gains in the country of the UK youth with ages:

The digitization of the market has led to a mushroom growth in the UK:

These are amazing stats considering the times and competition that has had them engulfed. This tells you that digital entrepreneurship is actually on the rise. 

They also provide ample opportunities for employment. Now, let’s converse about an important offshoot of digital entrepreneurship. 


E-Commerce Growth Amid a Pandemic

One of the biggest growth in an industry that has been recorded in the e-commerce industry. Here is an interesting stat about e-commerce, namely Amazon:

These stats show the mushroom growth of the industry. These are extraordinary times considering the growth of e-commerce in the world. 


Telehealth and Tele-med

Telemed is defined in easy words as information regarding medicines provided through an outsourced team. This is a real growth oriented industry. It was really a dead end. The United Kingdom has witnessed a change of 10 years within a week when patients with lumps and throbbing chests were dealt with online in the no-go zone. It only foreshadows the imminent successful arrival of Tele-med or telehealth in the Kingdom.  Prior to the pandemic, the stats of Tele-med were abysmal; 

    • only 1 percent of 300 million made a televised appointment. 

The European Commission forecasts a boost of 

    • $40 billion growth in Europe as compared to a previous $10 billion.


Software Houses 

Here comes the real powerhouse of digital entrepreneurship. The software industry is the most growing industry in the world, it is one of the major job-creating industries. Only in the United States, it provides livelihood to about:

The software house in the east employs a lot of freelancers helping the economies of the countries and providing jobs to the youth. Digitization of the world has had a mushroom effect on the software industry in itself. The automation of each and every process has contributed to the unaccounted growth in the industry. 


Gaming Industry Boom 

Pandemic has proved to be the best ever thing that has happened to the gaming industry worldwide. With an effective quarantine, a relentless boost in the industry was seen. Games like PUBG, DOTA, and all others have enjoyed a season of unforgettable fame. In 2020 alone the gaming industry in the US alone amasses:

    •  $18,194 million from console fewer games only

Not impressive you might think but they contribute majorly towards the local economy only in the US they make up:

    • 1.0% of annual growth 

So they are a major contributor towards the GDP of the local economy. 



It is an established fact that their automation and digitization have provoked the world into a cloak of denser technology. Digital entrepreneurship was in the world before the COVID-19 the only favor that the pandemic lent it was the need arising due to remote work.

Since entrepreneurship is an easy thing in this time of the world where tech is easy to handle. Where resources are abundant and opportunities countless. This is the real breeding ground for all the digitization of the world. Staff Timer App has always supported the digitization of the world, the app itself automates most of the work done manually generating automated payrolls is one of them. 

So the one-liner is that no, COVID-19 is not the mother of digital entrepreneurship it is only a catalyst for the situation.

Few Reasons why Projects often end up Dead in Archive

Projects are like babies, you conceive them, nurture them, take care of them, and hope they do you good also. Mostly a project doesn’t get out of their “toddler” phase and most often than not they get stuck and sucked down procrastination. Since we are talking about projects and failure, so why not analyze the reasons that make them end up in an archive folder. 

Before we get to that we need to remember the fact that not all projects end up in the archive. Some of them become the greatest success stories. So there is a fair chance that you will not end up like the majority. So here is how we at “Staff Timer App” believe there are reasons for a project to turn out dead.

Now let’s get to the point and discover why do projects fail:


Not implementing the “Tenth man principle”

This is an important ignorance that everyone is the culprit of. We do not disagree with the popular decision and mostly a project suffers for that because no one is ready to question the set beliefs. This is not only mundane but also it shuts down the door of innovation, which in the long run can be disastrous. 

The tenth man principle refers to a rule very popular amongst think tanks that are concerned with foreign policy. The rule is that if 9 men in a room agree it is the sworn duty of the tenth to disagree it allows a fresh angle on the issue. This is an acceptable rule and it must be followed with conviction. We all want to do something new but we ignore the power of the question. 


Your plan “C” must have a C1 and C2

The biggest issue is the nonavailability of contingency plans. Mostly project heads are used to one way traffic. They make plans based on assumptions that are not entirely wrong to do but the fact is for a product that is yet to be launched getting assumptions are not the best thing you can rest your plans on. 

The better way to do so is to make contingencies for your contingencies. As you will never know what will happen next to a concept it is better to work on all possible angles and leave “no stone unturned”. 


Make sure you play on your strengths

The first and foremost thing you need for success is the ability to play within your strengths. There are always certain departments that compliment the others for example if your strength is the design you must make sure that you don’t get beaten by your “future rivals”. 

So if tech is something you are struggling with, complement it with your design and invest in your weakness so your project does not suffer from it. 

So you need to invest in your weakness and strengthen your strength further. 


Script, script, and script

Alfred Hitchcock was once asked: what makes a film great? He replied: “Script, Script and Script”. The same is the case with project success. The more you read on it and do a background check the better are the chances of it being successful. 

Most projects do not take off due to lack of research and once the process starts teams are mostly reacting to stimulus. As there is no research you can never be ready for what follows. The thing is for your projects to fly they must be backed by research and possible use cases. There is nothing more frustrating than trusting your team about project research and it comes up short. So avoid hustling in the wrong direction and do what needs to be done, research. 


Hustle the market

In this day and age for you to stumble upon an idea that is not already in the market is a near-impossible task. The market is filled with ideas that we might feel redundant but there are people making fortunes from it. The thing you need to do is hustle for your client. There will be bigger sharks in the market already those who will be pouncing at the clients so will not be getting the lion share. So for your project or idea to fly, you’ll need to hustle for your life. 


Do everything planned

The key to success is that you have a clear cut plan for the future. You cannot go in blind and hope for the best. Sometimes it might work but the safe and professional way is to plan your progress. Do not go out of the ordinary unless there is a dire need for it. The thing is having layout eases a lot of pressure. You will not be dumbfounded easily and your path would be smoother. 



Projects take off and fail, what matters is the attitude of the person. You can either give up or keep on trying. The key to a successful project is trying hard and every time refreshing your approach. Have people critically analyze your work, study your competitors, and learn from them. Bring in innovations and be patient. Do not give up, your project will be successful. Project management is a continuous effort it requires constant evolution of process and method.

The Best Ways to Support your Employees Post-Pandemic

The pandemic is thankfully coming to an end but one thing is for sure, even if it is not ending as we expected but “life” is returning. Once empty malls and plazas are open once again welcoming people wholeheartedly. 

Nothing is the same anymore our lives have been turned topsy turvy. From our daily routine to our social events everything has changed. In order for us to survive the best thing we can do is to manage our lives accordingly, we cannot go back and keep doing what we were doing. Since the pandemic, our lives have changed and we are changing with it. 

So after the pandemic, there are things that we need to do to stay ahead of the curve. Also, we need to understand the fact that the responsibility falls on the shoulder of the offices and organization to make their employees feel welcomed at their workplaces. There are a few steps that an organization can take to help their employees settle in nicely


Take the foot off the gas

Employees coming back to work from their remote offices need to be treated with care, you cannot make them dive directly into work. They are coming back from a very different time and it will take time for them to settle into an office, get used to the routine and people. It is a tedious process but after a week or two, they will all feel comfortable. Take the foot off the gas for your employees and give them time to understand the scenario. 


Maintain social distancing 

Letting everyone back to the office with no S.O.P’s is an issue that will create havoc as they will not be used to crowds. The thing about social distancing is that it will not only clear any doubts regarding the dangers of infection but inculcate a social responsibility into the masses. It is important to keep the SOP’s intact for future references. 


Organize team activities

Coming back after such a  long time the teams forget if they have gelled together. The perfectly working cog ceases to exist. For your business’ sake, it is important that they keep on working together and keep their channels of communication open otherwise you will be into a long comeback. As there will be communication issues and for you to resolve those issues it is important that you organize a group activity that breaks the ice and smooths out rough edges. 


Employees need to be heard

After they have returned back to work in a post COVID environment there is ample need to understand the fact employees’ concerns need to be addressed. You will not get back the perfect employee you hired but the one you will get will need a pat on their back and would require confidence. You must be willing to lend a shoulder to the needs of the employees. So listen to your employee and address their concerns otherwise you can keep on working remotely. 


Accept the employee’s sluggishness

Remote work or work from home will indeed make employees lazy. They will not be dynamic as they once were, it will take time for them to get back to their old self. You need to accept them for what they have become as an old saying goes “the only way is through”. You need to push them to become better but at the same time, you have to accept the fact that it is a time taking process so be patient with what you got.  


Awareness and education is the way forward

Remember since most of the staff would have been in intense lockdown. The need for regular awareness is never lost. You must keep communicating with your team members and your office members about the need to keep following the protocol advised by the government. Sometimes you need to understand that people will be looking to rush towards the “normal” it is your duty to make the people understand that it is not over yet. So make sure that you educate the masses for not leaving the said protocols. 


Be prepared for a few shocks

Coming back from a mass lockdown to openness you can expect a few hiccups irrelevant of the size. Do not scold your team members over it, remember they are also coming back form a major change and shifting back towards the office. So it is only natural that you give them a bit of levy in their approach, ignore the minor mistakes, and try to be patient. At the back of your mind, you need to be ready for a few shocks. There might be a few hiccups that might need dealing with. 



Remember the pandemic has changed the world and also changed everyone. Life as we know it is over. This has been a paradigm shift and it was never going to be easy, the important part is that you keep everyone together “rhetorically”. Also, remember this is only the beginning the real impact of COVID is yet to be seen. So be ready and remember you and your team both will face repercussions. However, these above-mentioned steps can ease a lot of pressure on employees and can help your business get back to usual. 

How to make your employees happy and feel valued? | Staff Timer App

The core of any organization is her employees. Everything good comes from the core of the organization. A well drilled and gelled core means a seamless flow of work and competitive productivity. A happy employee is 12% more productive than an unhappy employee. 

Now, what if the core is rotten, figuratively, if it is not well drilled or well gelled? The results could be detrimental. An unhappy employee could wreak havoc upon an organization. For your organization to work like a well-oiled machine your employees need to be happy and content. So how do you actually achieve that? Raise, promotion, or gifts. There are several ways to achieve this. But which one actually works? The jaw-dropping fact, however, is that over 80% of employees consider cash gifts as a source of optimal satisfaction as compared to any other means.

The Staff Timer App is here to reveal what exactly does an employee want from their organization. 


What exactly does an employee want?

There is exactly no telling what each employee might want. One thing is for sure that every employee wants job security. That is the first thing that every employee wants. Everything else becomes secondary. Also, a survey claims that employees who have a secure job are 17% more productive as compared to temporary employees. So it is pretty clear that employees want security. Their priority is job security, everything else comes secondary. 


Happy employees 

Since we have established the primary objective of any employee, let’s figure out the rest of the canons related to employee happiness. Employee happiness is measured only through response and productivity. 

There are ways that you can keep your employee happy. Staff Timer App equipped with automated payroll makes sure that an employee gets paid for their overtime and their efforts do not go unnoticed at all.


Appreciate your employees

Appreciation has to be the cornerstone of success and productivity every person is built differently. Some relish the extreme pressure and competitive environment others often need an arm around there shoulder and a pat on their backs. Appreciation goes a long way an employee feels wanted. It helps them grow and do their best in the coming days. 


Rewards are essential

A survey claimed that the majority of the employees would love to receive a cash prize as compared to a gift of any other kind. This shows the importance of monetary appraisals in the life of an employee. Appraisals are important to do so the organization could hold a monthly or quarterly get to gather or an online session amid the pandemic. This keeps the entire team gelled together and communication remains fluid. Here is an interesting fact regarding the recognition that a company provides: only 42% of employees are happy with the recognition provided by their companies. 


Promotion is a secret

Timely promotions and increments are the real crux of keeping an employee happy, promotion keeps an employee hopeful, and also it keeps the company on the right path. Promotion is the goal of every employee and if the organization is doing so it means that they care about the employee. 



Everything great in this world is made up of one and only one thing: a healthy core. The core decides where the organization must face. The core of an organization is its employees. However, these employees need to be healthy and happy for the organization to progress further. A study claims that it is harder to retain an employee than it is to hire one. This alone tells the importance of employee satisfaction in the company. Staff Timer LTD believes in the satisfaction of her employees. 

Why is Staff Timer App the most Affordable tool out there for Global Teams?

Evolution is a natural phenomenon, anything obstructing the natural phenomenon becomes extinct. Technology does the same! Integrating technology is part of the evolution ignoring it, is only going to push you further back. The smart way is to accept the changes and follow the global stride, but why would you do so.

Every new feature or integration we take on board has one goal behind it. That goal is to ease the workload and provide seamless workflow while not putting too much burden on the finances.

This is the primary benefit of integrating tech in life.

A smart business owner will always look for ways to extradite expenses in every way possible while not interrupting the chain of command or workflow. Luckily there is a tool that can help you achieve seamless workflow in every way, so here is how Staff Timer App can really help you minimize your operational cost and help you achieve perfect work cost equilibrium 


Automated supervision tool

Staff Timer App really packs a punch when it comes to supervision. As it is fully automated there is no need to spend hours explaining tasks and assigning projects to employees. It helps you allocate projects and monitor employees for the entirety of their working hours. 

Staff Timer App removes manual supervision and hence the need for a supervisor is rendered useless all the while removing a hefty payroll from your budget. Saving around 50% of the annual cost of operations. This allows you to allocate the budget elsewhere and invest in a more productive way. 


Hire a useful resource

One of the common issues in most of the firms is the hiring of additional help for the sake of hiring. With a perfect remote tool at your disposal, you can hire one resource, the perfect resource. This resource being the best at what they do will not require additional help so you will not be paying unproductive employees and hence the budget bank will not break at all. 

Imagine not paying two or three employees who were hired for help when you can get the best via Staff Timer App. 


No more data breach fine

A data breach or corporate espionage is something that needs to be addressed in this blog. The penalties for a data breach are no less than a million-dollar, that’s initial but also we need to understand the damage done by the breach. All that remains is “damage control”. Sometimes damage control is the only possible way to deal with it. 

With Staff Timer App’s simple solution it mitigates all if any chance of data breach exists especially the insider threat. Real-time screen monitoring and Instant screen capture help with this because you can access the screen of your employee anytime in real-time. It keeps your data secure and risk of breach next to minimal. 

Why is Staff Timer App the most affordable tool out there?

There is really no doubt about the fact that the Staff Timer App is the most affordable team management, task tracking, and employee monitoring app that offers countless features. How so?

It’s simple! Staff Timer App charges about $2.99 per member per month so if you are a company of 100 people. See how much you are spending upon Supervisor and see how much an automated tool costs you.

A mere $2.99 has to be the best deal of your life, in which you are not only getting automated supervision of the product, team, and employee but also it is calculating the hourly payroll. Helping you make informed decisions regarding your team to retain whom not too. What is stopping you from availing this tool free for 7 days? 

So we can reach the conclusion that automation is a part of evolution and resisting is only stopping you to reach your full potential. Staff Timer App aims towards providing the best help a CEO can ask for while running his organization. The automated supervision allows you to keep everyone right in front of you. It gives you absolute control over your team and your data. 

Is Staff Timer App the One Tool Missing from your Freelancers Inventory?

Self-employed, side hustlers, or founders with no employers also known as Freelancers, go by all these aliases. And they are present in numbers around the world. It is predicted that the major workforce in the UK and US will be freelancing by 2027.  In 2019 alone 39% surge in freelancers was recorded in the UK. 

There has always been a question for opting freelancing as a permanent source of income or should only be opted as a side income. The Fiverr and Upwork Union, however, disagrees with this proposition, they claim that freelancers consider themselves safe as compared to people working on day jobs. 

So since one thing is established pretty much that freelancing is permanent and not going away anytime sooner, that is if it goes away. Since this being a permanent situation and companies now opting to hire remote help freelancers are in for a ride. With freelancing being very profitable there are still cons attached to it and freelancers often end up on the wrong side of deals. So here are our prospects that will tell you why Staff Timer App is essential in a freelancers war chest:


Payroll for freelancers

Let’s talk about the biggest hassle in a freelancer’s life: payment and service charges. There never seems to be an agreement of charges and services more than often employers change the terms of payments and many more. 

Staff Timer App provides an innovative solution to this very common predicament. Payroll allows you to fix the payment per hour. This saves time and gives your employer a fair idea of expenses. This rules out any miscommunications between you and your employer who hired you for the job. 


Make yourself productive

Mostly freelancing requires you to work at odd times an hour before sunrise 2 hours past midnight. There are no timings, the client requires results and they want it quick or they are moving on. So you need to be on your toes at all times. Regardless of the fact that if you have not seen your bedside for 48 hours, the deadline matters and must be met at all costs.

Time tracking is a feature that allows you to track not only your time. But also your progress over the said task, coupled with a payroll feature, your hard work will not go unobserved. 

Working 10 hours a day is something admirable but not something you should be looking to do constantly. For you to be productive and meeting deadlines your day needs to be planned and divided professionally. Spending too much time looking for music is not productive. 


Manage several projects at your fingertips

Freelancers seldom spend some free time, they always have something on their plate. Their day is divided into servicing clients of different sectors. It becomes hazardous at times and messing up the final product is never too far away. 

With Staff Time App you can manage projects by adding them in the app and you will never be lost with data. You can add as many projects as you want and keep the data separated. This simple tool can change the way you function and make your work a whole lot easy. 

So now never get stuck with a project and reject others because you cannot manage, with the Staff Timer App you can manage everything. 

Meet deadlines effectively 

Managing deadlines over deadlines are something that everyone struggles with. Freelancers or Side Hustlers as 14% of the self-employed youth likes to call themselves, have real issues with meeting deadlines. It can sour an entire process if deadlines are not met. The client will not return which is an unhealthy habit. 

You can mark the deadline while creating a task with the Staff Timer App. This will help you keep up with your work and be done before the deadline. Hence your clients won’t be leaving you for a long long time. 


Create your own team of freelancers

A real innovative feature of the Staff Timer App allows you to work in a team and form an entirely new team. So from freelancing, you can expand your horizons with StaffTimer App and start your own company providing services to clients. This will help you expand your affluence and you can become the top draw of the industry for anyone looking to get something done. 

So these are a few pointers on how you if you are working as part of the $1 Trillion Dollar industry also known as freelancing, can get the maximum out of a management app. So for you to take the next big step in your career it is essential that you have a tool that can help you in your endeavors. Staff Timer can certainly push you that extra mile you have been lacking. 

6 Ways to Earn money without being Tech-Savvy | Life-Hacks

All along our professional lives, we have been pushing to explore and expand our skills. Every guru and ted talk experts talk about developing our skills and Life-Hacks. Which under the circumstances is not bad advice, enhancing skills makes your portfolio diverse. This only helps you build a confident outlook and more likely to grab more and more clients.

However, there is always a clever hack.  Remember back in business school or in graduation, when everyone in the cafe used to talk about only one thing: skills, skills, and skill development. The gist of the story is that as long as you have the right skill or better yet the required skill, you will be earning a big buck. This is not entirely untrue but the fact is there are jobs and ways that can help you earn without having any true or real skill.

All you have to do is to know for fact those ways that can help you earn a big buck while not being special at anything, this doesn’t mean that you would not need to expand your profile at any time. All of us need to realize that making money from home is not an issue even though you might be skilled as a novice. 

Here are a few hacks that can help you in your pursuit of happiness:



So most people who are working on the blog are either expressing their creativity or their views on some matter. Blogging doesn’t require any real skills other than making a sentence and pretty much everyone can do that these days owing to social media. 

So how do you earn from a blog that is a question? Many blogs hire freelancers to write a blog post or do a special piece, but since you are neither a top-notch freelancer nor a big writer. However, there are several ways you can start your own blogs. Simply go to WIX, or write for a blog simply by signing up to Fiverr and start earning money through freelance work.

Here is how you can earn money from starting a blog or writing a blog. Writing a blog needs nothing more than a general sense of a topic and some general knowledge this is where Google comes in handy. As they say “Google is my best friend” let’s put the friend to a test.  Google has almost everything. So if you have just a knack of research you can get paid per word and keep doing it over and again would certainly improve your writing style. 

The other way to earn through blogging is by a lot of writers who have earned a fortune from writing on blogs to becoming multi-million companies such as the Huffington Post. Once acquiring a good enough audience the next step is to start running paid advertising and reviews and all you have to do for this is: to be able to write a good enough passage that would make sense.

Choose a broad enough topic like Health, Finances, Culture, and so forth. After you have built a reasonable readership or earned their trust, you are ready for the next step.

So no real skills required other than working on google docs or simple MS Word. 


Content Marketing 

This one here is a really nice one and in a morbid way we should be thanking the pandemic for this. Owing to a nice and reasonable boom in social media marketing and the pandemic which has flooded millions and billions of data into the system, Content marketing is something that you can do easily. 

What is content marketing as the name portrays “content” and “marketing” it means to market or sell the content, but you are not actually selling it. You are merely selling a product through your content. Got lost? Here is how it works if you are a freelancer you will be writing articles and blogs for several products, An average freelance writer gets paid around $5,000 a month and that’s just the start. All you need to do is to be creative now.  This is not that hard trust me on this 

I know what you are thinking, what if you are not creative? The answer is simple: keep reading the blog. 


Become the middleman

Now thanks to Hollywood you might think it as a bad thing to do, but trust me this is no El-Dorado all it requires is know-how. You don’t even have to be creative. All you have to do is make the client meet the service provider and you get the commission or fees of your advising. So if someone needs a good enough real-estate dealer and you know one or two you get them to meet and become the host.

So you are basically working as a consultant and basically this what the consultancy firms do. There are several companies asking for remote workers who could work as affiliates or can be a source of Referral they pay a certain percentage if you could bring them a client it is really easy and effective. 

No real skill, just hustle. 


Freelance is a business that will never go out of demand. The smart move would be to a part of this never-ending industry. Freelancing is the fastest growing industry only in the UK 4.8 million people are self-employed or freelancers. There is one thing for sure that it will only grow due to the remote working phenomena now becoming the new normal. 

Freelancing allows you a unique way of earning money on your own terms, you don’t need the next “Guy Ritchie” to land a new project.  A freelancer is more likely to get work in 24 hours as compared to another employee. With automated payroll now a reality it makes your life easy and payments don’t really stop. 

Just make an account with Fiver or Upwork and start working, not only this you can provide your services through the conventional social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. A regular graduate can obviously do a school assignment of the 8th grader and with online assignments now in full swings, you can easily work and get paid.

You can always join groups on Facebook and other social media outlets that post regular gigs. Linkedin is another good source to get work without having to deal with a lot of codes, just connect with the right person and start working



This is another way to earn money without having some real skill or anything, product review, and comparison writing. This is the best thing you can do on your own social media accounts. People are quite attracted to controversial reviews, especially on social media. There is nothing wrong with providing people with material that they want to read, obviously the content shouldn’t be abusive. 

For your content to break the barrier it must be good or controversial enough to be recognized by everyone. The first few reviews might even be free but you will never be a long way off from actually getting paid for it. Instagram and IGTV can help you a lot getting your content viral constant re-shares eventually gets you noticed. 

Product reviews or comparisons will never be out of fashion and out of demand.  


Making money online 

This really does not require any skill or special tools, all you need is enough time to actually make it happen. There are several ways to earn money from home and get your life moving. There are so many ways to do that, read through the list again you really don’t have to travel anywhere. So all of these solutions are actually a smart way to say them. 


Skills and money-making walk hand in hand, however, skills are by no way prerequisite of having a good payday. All you need is a smart way to get paid, there are many ways to get paid through the home. 

The smartest way is to remain active online, keep searching for solutions and projects that make you feel comfortable. There is no way that in this day and age you cannot find work if you have access to a mobile phone or internet and a computer you can make a good payday from anywhere in the world. All you need is good enough conviction and you are ready to get paid and be a part of the productive population.