Terms of Condition

Our Service

StaffTimerApp is a time Tracking SAAS Product. It is provided on “As Is” And “As Available” basis. But we do all in our power to provide you with optimum user experience.

Eligibility for Use

Any person who is 13 years of age or more is eligible to sign up for the application. The user shall provide valid email address and other information that may be required. The user is liable to promptly update the information if any change happens to the information. Providing wrong information may cause termination of your account.

The StaffTimerApp is not liable to provide the user any support for setting up the Desktop and Web Application. The user needs to arrange the required infrastructure himself.


The payment system of StaffTimerApp is automated. The users need to provide the credit card information once. The subscription charges will be deducted at the beginning of every month. In case of a declined payment, the user will get notified. We use Stripe as our credit/debit card payment gateway. The service is reliable and secure hence there are very low changes of privacy breach or inaccurate billing.

Modification to Services

StaffTimerApp reserves the right to modify the application and services provided upon a prior notice of 30 days. It also reserves the right to modify the payment plan upon a prior notice of 30 days.

Privacy of User Data

StaffTimerApp assures that the application does not track any other information i.e keystroke logging, URL tracking, browser history etc, for carrying out the Time Tracking process. Only Screenshots are used to calculate the time spent upon work related and non work related activities. Moreover, the Screenshots are also saved at a SSL secured server. So the information of the users is in safe hand.

We do not use user’s information that is used for account activation for any purpose other than maintaining user account.

User Responsibility for Cancellation
of Account

If the user is not satisfied with the services of the StaffTimerApp, he can opt out at any time and request the cancellation of the account. The responsibility for cancellation of the account lies upon the user. The user can cancel the account by going into the user dashboard. This will trigger the deletion of the account. He can also delete his payment information from the Dashboard, before deletion, to ensure safety. We do not use any of our user data for any other purposes. Any other form of communication for cancellation of account will not be considered valid, i.e email etc.

Stafftimerapp.com affiliate program

For Staff Timer App affiliate terms and conditions please refer to this link


You will not hold responsible StaffTimerApp, its affiliates and employees for any loss, liability or expense incurred based on or arising out of use of the application.

Prohibited use of the App

The user shall not reproduce, duplicate, sell, reverse engineer, resell, or exploit the Application or any portion thereof, including its use and access, for any commercial purposes.