Real-Time Screen Monitoring

Review the use of data and functions
performed on your employee’s system remotely. With real-time screen monitoring, you can easily find out what your team members have been doing. See what your team members see and provide on-the-spot feedback.

Daily work videos

Being constantly bombarded with projects? Finding it hard to go through all the screenshots? Then what’s better than a video clip! Daily video logs take work recorded in screenshots, combines it and quickly detail what your team did the whole day in the form of an automated 10- second video clip.

Screenshots every minute

Want to hire talent from across the globe but worry about managing remote and distributed teams effectively? Now, manage your employees and optimize their productivity with visual insights. Capture screenshots of employees screens at defined intervals based on your work needs and get a clear picture of the time spent on each task.

Intelligence Reports

Receive intelligent task reports with details on hours worked, websites browsed, application usage, and more. Identify productivity weaknesses, examine your employees’ output and suggest improvements.


With Staff timer app’s simple timesheets see how much time employees are spending on tasks and increase project visibility. Make accurate payroll and billable time calculations based on daily, weekly and monthly hours.

Task tracking

Do You want to get as much done as possible on your day? Then, the Staff timer app is exactly what you need to kick off your day. Staff timer’s task tracking allows your team to track tasks along with work hours spent on them. Start your timer now with just one click of a button and, spend less time thinking and more time doing.