Track Your Task

Track your tasks
and projects from
anywhere, anytime

  • Collaborate together on tasks
  • Project and monitor total time spent
  • Keep track of your work progression
  • Seamless desktop application

Your team can track tasks
in 3 easy steps

  • Select your project

    Select the project from the drop
    down to begin your project tracking

  • Add your tasks

    Add your tasks and description
    to track your total time spent

  • Start your timer

    Push the play button to start
    your task time tracking

What more can
you do?

  • Need some changes? Edit your tasks anytime needed
  • Done with a task? Change your task status and mark it as completed
  • Click on the plus icon to add task descriptions, attach a file or add comments

Bring out the productivity
in your teams

  • Track your tasks along with visuals and screenshots.
  • Helps you focus on one task at a time; avoid multitasking.
  • Spend less time on tasks and get better results.
  • Achieve big project milestones through task management

One stop solution to meet
your organizational needs

One stop solution to meet your
organizational needs

  • Manage all your tasks through one centralized place
  • Provides you with a traceable workflow and progression
  • Tasks are easy to add and customisable to fit your needs
  • With task tracking, team collaboration becomes super easy