A look into
global Industries

Achieve professional goals and targets within
your industry by streamlining workflow and
costs through real-time insights.

Business process outsourcing

Generate payroll based
on the hourly rate!

Track time spent by each agent on supporting customers and complaints. Generate timesheets on agents’ daily, weekly, and monthly hours and reduce time wastage to increase productivity. Get an overview of your agent’s check-in and check-out time through attendance sheets and view work videos to monitor daily activities. Handle multiple BPO units located at different places through one account.


Boost your creative
thought process!

Get a real-time overview of how much time your freelance designer has spent on a project if you are billing project work by the hour. While drawing illustrations on paper or sketches, away from the screen, use manual entries to add time manually. Assign different billable rates to each designer and calculate total daily earning through automated payroll.


A surprising surge in
overall productivity!

Measure task success rate and productivity levels through time tracking and screenshots. View the developer’s recorded time in the form of reports to see if your team spends too much time on resolving bugs. Track active windows along with tasks for complete transparency. Minimize the time spent on simple task discussions by sending voice notes to your
freelance developers.


Identify exceptional
performers through

Know how much time your e-commerce team spent on repetitive tasks such as editing/adding product images, categorizing items, adding descriptions, etc. Create projects for different types of work and assign employees to those projects. See which employee is costing you more money through payroll and compare performance to get value for money.


Ensure high quality
work, remotely!

See how many hours virtual assistants are working, monitor time spent with clients, and in meetings. Collaborate on tasks without any miscommunication by assigning tasks through audio voice notes for the task clarity. Use accurate timesheets for proof of work and payments. Get exportable attendance sheets to share with your client and maintain trust.


Timesheets for
proof of work and payments!

A pioneer in global employee monitoring and task management while bringing transparency and efficiency in employee logging. Easily monitor staffed & outsourced workforce for seamless quality assurance. Simplify your payroll by tracking the agent’s hours, and overtime to make payments easier. When your insurance agents spend time in the field, you can add time manually to ensure their efforts are recorded.

Human resources

Save on manual
supervision by 20%,
increase efficiency!

With Staff TImer App you can bring Staffing to a global level, higher than ever, and manage teams remotely. Assign tasks to manage payments with automated payroll and manage remote employees with online attendance. keep detailed records of each employee’s work time through timesheets to manage compensation and benefits.


Plan successful
marketing campaigns!

Employees can enter their tasks directly for time tracking to keep a record of all marketing activities such as emails, social media management, & contents. Manage your digital marketing team and assign tasks to your employees through audio clips regardless of the location. Analyze task performance reports to monitor the project progress.