14 Types of Colleagues You Will Find at Every Workplace

Different kinds of employees working

The entire universe is a blend of different, and contradictory personas. In other words, everyone has got a personality of their own! We are all different, and that what makes it more interesting. Out of 24 hours a day, we spend half of the time at the office with our colleagues.

During that time, we are exposed to different thoughts, ideas, and responses. Some like rock n’ roll, some are introverts while others pour milk before cereal.
Either reluctantly or enthusiastically, we must adjust ourselves to the people around us. We might like spending time with some, while others would just drive us insane and find us bumping heads into walls.

Humans as ‘Social Animals’

Aside from just aimlessly scrolling through the internet, tirelessly working, pointlessly staring at the ceiling, humans, tend to converse and socialize with their work buddies. It’s only natural, my friends! The reason, why humans are categorized as ‘Social animals’. With this in mind, it is safe to say, during your professional journey, you’ll come across a few recurring personalities, repeatedly. 

Here are the 14 most common people you will find in every workplace that you can most probably relate to. So, let’s dig in:

1. The Know-it-all

Every workplace has a colleague who thinks they know everything! Who likes to believe, that without their knowledge and expertise, the company will not survive. Someone, who thinks they have the answer to all your questions, and solutions to all your problems.

One who has strong opinions, and make decisions on their own without your input. They talk more and listen less!. Well, we can go on and on about their stupendously beautiful innate qualities but our goal here is not to offend anyone.

The employee who knows everything

2. The Creative Genius

It’s quite common to meet creative geniuses at the workplace. Their only aim is to ‘show creative, be creative’. Their definition of success starts with creativity and ends with creativity. Additionally, they are all about adding colors, sunshine, and rainbows to everything they are responsible for.

They believe there is only one way of doing things, the creative way. No alternative ways! Above all, they always urge others to ‘think outside the box’ no matter how small the task is. Therefore, they are the ‘unicorns’ of every organization. 

Kanye West saying "I am a creative genius"

3. The Joker

These types of coworkers love to crack work jokes and funny puns. Think they are very good at it and they actually are! Here, we said it and we simply love their company. Right? Their sense of humor is absolutely appreciable. They always have several fun tricks up their sleeves and do know their way around making the group laugh.

They can turn a blue Monday to a happening Friday. Truly, spending time with such people at work is a blessing in disguise and a good way to unwind. They warm our hearts with harmless humor. Cheers to them!

Women drinking and laughing

4. The Grumpy Cat

At any job, you’re bound to have that one co-worker who always complains about things. They just want to be heard all the time and want to do things their way because their way is always the right way. 

These kinds of people grumble all the time at work. They always need something or someone to whine about or else it’s the end of the world. Complainers are said to be the pioneers of negative work-talk.

Our advice: Avoid being an office complainer. It’s important if you deal with them, professionally and handle the unpleasantries in an appropriate way. 

Women complaining on tv

5. The Attention Grabber

‘I am Carmelita Spats and I am an adorable, beautiful, cute, dainty, eye-pleasing, flawless girl’

Yeah, you got us! Prepare the red carpet, because these people love to be in the spotlight. While you slip and trip in your sneakers,  they will walk around in cut crease make-up looks and tailored suits.

No matter whom you are talking with, they always manage to draw your attention. Believe it or not, we do end up loving them. Surprise!


Women wearing a dress

6. The Professional Sleeper

You are right. They snooze for a living! They find it extremely hard getting out of bed every morning. And literally, crawl to work dreaming about climbing back into bed.

You will find them sleeping here and there, even with their eyes open. They believe there is no such thing as too much sleep. They also possess an amazing ability to nap anywhere, anytime!


man giving interview

7. The Chatterbox

There is always that one person in the workplace, who simply loves to talk! They are the socializers! Always keeping people engaged with their endless chatter.

They are the ultimate masters of water cooler chats and gossips! Sometimes you adore them, sometimes you don’t, but you do know, that your life without them is gloomy. 


women complaining about the noise

8. The oh-so Diligent

They are said to be the mentors. Need any career guidance and help with challenging problems? They are your go-to guys. Ms. or Mr. Diligent would give you a perspective on how to handle your life problems. Additionally, they keep you connected with the team. 

They are hard workers and they consider work their life, always glued to their laptops and instantly give email replies. Who doesn’t like super fast replies?  This person possesses a never-ending enthusiasm towards work. They are admired by everyone and inspire everyone. 


Boy dancing and singing

9. The Tech Junkie

It’s clearly not easy being a tech junkie and every workplace has one in their stock. They always make use of cutting edge technologies to solve all life’s problems. 

A new product launch? You’ll probably find them cramped out and in front of their computer screens, waiting in line for pre-orders! They can not survive without their tangled earplugs because they tend to be more productive with the rhythm of the music. Being the one everyone always calls when they have tech or software problems. But often, misunderstood for someone who fixes bikes!

‘Hey Luke, my bicycle breaks are not working, can you please have a look at it?’
‘Hey Adam, I am a tech guy, not a freaking mechanic’


Sheldon cooper saying that's how its done

10. The ‘Look busy, do nothing’

You know that coworker who’s always in his cabin, working, as he has so much to do like he has carried all the weigh of the world on his shoulders? Yes, we are talking about the one who looks busy and does the least productive every day.

They’re always looking for ways to wiggle out of work. And no one knows, what they really do!

Man talking on a cellphone

11. The Latecomers

They are habitually late and never shows up on time.  Always have excuses for why were they late. Sometimes, it’s the kids, sometimes, commute problems. This breed of people is the last to arrive and the first to leave. 

Man explaining he didn't do it

12. The Coffee Lover

This kind is truly passionate about coffee! 

You’ll often find them judging those who don’t drink coffee: ‘Do you not like coffee? How do you live?’  For them, every day is a global coffee day. It’s in their DNA that simply makes them crave coffee. They can’t get through the day without a legal caffeine hit! There best argument:  I need focus, to be more productive, simply put, I need coffee.

If they are feeling tired, give them a small cup of latte or espresso and then see them winging it at work.

joey pushes ross in a bar gif

13. The Aggressive Eater

People who love food, are always the best people, we couldn’t agree more! 

There will be one coworker, who you will find always eating at all hours of the day. They’re always hungry, and always need something to munch on. All you’ll ever hear from them is how hungry they are. ‘For God’s Sake, Annie, You just had lunch’

They basically live to eat and repeat! And they don’t like sharing. 

women eating aggressively gif

14. The Chandler Bing

Now, we all agree every workplace has one sarcastic kind. They are constantly coming up with perfect one-liners to comment every single time with utmost perfection. They are often underappreciated for their talents but trust us, its a special skill, not many people have. 

You can see them rolling their eyes on their work buddies, many times. 

Chandler Bing laughing

We are sure, you have seen at least some of these coworkers at your workplace. which one are you?
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