The power of healthy communication in the workplace

Employees communicating with each other

Do you know good and powerful communication in the workplace is very important for maintaining healthy working relationships and achieving productivity?

Yes, it’s true!

Good communication is an important skill for day to day work collaboration. If you are a leader, understanding, workplace communication is the key. As it allows businesses to operate efficiently. 

Employees can experience high morale and commitment to work when communicated effectively. Not only does it eliminate conflicts and misunderstandings but also encourages a peaceful work environment. 

While on the other hand…

… Poor communication in the workplace can lead to unmotivated employees that may begin to question their own abilities. 

Now let’s look at some of the ways powerful communication is benefiting companies:

A happy workplace with no conflicts

Conflicts can erupt from minute actions and can give rise to never-ending brawls and growls. Poorly managed conflict can destroy long built relationships. However, conflict does not always have to be ruinous.

Successfully resolved conflict can contribute to deeper relationships when handled effectively, in the workplace. And for that, you need effective communication skills.


Woman helping man succeed

Our advice

Try resolving one problem at a time and then move to the next one. Map out your concerns, and isolate the primary issue in order to address it better. Avoid making unwanted accusations and blame game, as it only worsens the situation. Make sure you listen and understand what the other person is trying to say.

Additionally, strong communication is important in expressing your concern about the issue at hand and can stop an argument from escalating. As, conflict escalation can result in false assumptions, which further complicates the condition. 

Gives ‘Employee Engagement’ a kick

Communicating is not just talking, talking and talking. It’s about connecting with people while talking. It’s a known fact that companies with highly engaged employees can improve operating income by 19.2 percent over a 12-month period. And that engagement comes from better communication in the workplace. 

When an environment of powerful communication is developed in the company, only then an employee can feel more engaged and aligned with the overall company’s goals. 

Not only does it make companies, understand the needs of their workers but also help them better understand their skills. 
It also promotes and strengthens manager-employee relationships.

New besties: Client – Employee!

The one perfect way to establishing long-term client relationships is to become great communicators. It is a key that binds employees and clients together from the initial stages of the project until the end. 
It builds a culture of trust, which is always significant. As well as, can help solve project issues a lot easier, which may arise during the project cycle. 

In order to have stronger client relationships, we suggest you stay transparent so as to overcome any client uncertainty. Also, try to be personable and friendly in your speech and say hi to longlasting relationships.


Client and Employee shaking hands

Communicating in diverse environments

Workplace diversity is something that every company is promoting nowadays. They are coming up with strategies for workplace inclusion. 

Managers and employees must know how to effectively communicate with the employees since different people come together to make up an organization, from diverse cultures. At the workplace, we often say things that we are not supposed to, which might offend others. Even when said unintentionally. 

The ability to communicate effectively with diverse people is extremely important. It portrays your company’s values. While on the other hand employees feel welcomed and understood. They get a feeling that their voices and ideas are heard and respected and in return increases their morale.


Culturally diverse people working together

More strategic team building

Teamwork is always very important for achieving the company’s goals. In order for the team to work together, effective communication is a must. It reduces unwanted competition within the team and among departments. 

Each individual member of the team knows their roles and know what they are expected of. It promotes and fosters positive relationships that are benefitting for the company as a whole as well as for individuals. 

Few tips & techniques

We can help you improve communication at the workplace with just a few simple tips!

  1. Ensure that the communication lines are always open to your employees. 
  2. Communication is a two-way process. Listen carefully, and encourage a healthy argument.
  3. Have clear objectives and expectations, provide clear and smart goals.
  4. Send your message clearly within the team and among the department to avoid any ambiguities. speak clearly and politely, avoid offending anyone. 
  5. Encourage face-to-face communication rather than adopting other channels, gets the message across in the best way. 
The bottom line is…

… The bottom line is that good communication is about so much more than initially mentioned. It’s about the content you use to communicate, it’s about consistency, it’s about context and how the other person has perceived your message. Was it clear? Was it not? So it’s important to keep each and every factor in mind and make powerful communication in our work even stronger.

What are you doing to bring good communication in your workplace?

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