7 Teamwork skills you need to boost your Career growth

Four people working as a team

Wondering what is the key to enhancing teamwork? The usual answer is pretty obvious;  ‘be a team player’.

Undeniably, teamwork is crucial for the success of all businesses, worldwide. Companies don’t work well without proper teamwork. No matter the industry, field or job title, effective coordination skills are essential for a high functioning workplace. 

It’s a given that in order to move forward in your professional life, you have to play well with others.  Only then you will be able to succeed in achieving goals. And in order to succeed, you need to build teamwork skills, to collaborate with others. In short, working with colleagues and clients while creating a healthy work environment can do wonders for companies. 

What skills are we talking about? Here it is! 

Be a part of Solutions; not Problems

There are different kinds of individuals who make up a team. They have different mindsets, different values, and beliefs. With this, come different ideas and ways of doing things. We all agree that expecting individuals to just get along is an unrealistic expectation. But with the just-right touch of strategies, team leaders can build a truly remarkable team of problem solvers. 

Yes. Teamwork can help solve difficult problems. Collaborating with the team for brainstorming enables you to come up with creative ways of eliminating conflicts. Not only this, it gives you an opportunity to exchange ideas, and find solutions that work best. 

There will always be opposing views but if you learn to find common ground and learn good problem-solving skills only then a group can be considered an effective team.

Communicate clearly, listen carefully

Effective communication that is respectful and honest, makes teams succeed.  

Feel free to express your idea, thoughts, and opinions clearly. Ask questions frequently as it determines the effectiveness of the team. Moreover, it makes you deeply understand your team member’s point of view.

It’s important to emphasize communication skills when working in a team since it makes team members more comfortable in sharing insights. 
While communicating with your team members, it’s essential you listen actively too. It’s an important part of communication The ability to listen carefully allows team members to better understand the tasks they are given, better understand your ideas and concerns. 


Three people doing teamwork in office

Have a sense of Responsibility

Teamwork is more of personal responsibility rather than just a group process. 
Nowadays, it acts as fuel for companies. Teamwork is all about responsibility. You have to accept responsibility as individuals and as a team. The blame game and lame personal justifications are a big turn off. You fail as a team and you succeed as a team. Any success or failure should be celebrated or grieved together. 

It’s important that teams understand their work responsibilities and work together to reach the expected outcome.

T for teamwork, T for trust

Managing people who don’t trust one another can be quite challenging and draining.

A team without trust cannot be categorized as a team. They are simply a group of people. They may be working together but may not cooperate or share information with anyone else. No matter how talented everyone is, but without trust, a team can never reach its full potential. 

However, it’s essential that trust is in place within the team. It makes the team stronger and more cohesive. The team as a whole can achieve meaningful results and flourish in the long run when each and every member of the team trusts each other. 

Promote shared Decision Making

As mentioned earlier, different members of the team bring different ideas, values, and perspectives. It’s important you learn to be inclusive. Include everyone in decision making. 

Shared decision making is the process through which a team chooses an alternative together. Team performance largely depends on decisions. On the other hand, Team members may help each other improve the team’s overall performance and abilities to make team decisions. 

In the end, you agree with the decision or not? It’s important you stand together and support it. 

Be Reliable, Supportive & Respectful

It’s important that team members support each other, demonstrate mutual respect and show reliability so that your coworker can trust you. You should exemplify loyalty and motivate your group members in the time of need. 

Often, team members start competing with one another, ignoring the fact that they are not competitors, rather collaborators, working together for a mutual goal. 

Another important skill for working in a team is to be respectful, always. Communicate your opinions that respect others, give constructive feedback and make sure you stick to your words and deadlines. 

Employee supporting the other employee

Always be Accountable

Accountability is critical to teamwork. In a team setting, not only an individual is accountable but also his team members. So, for the team to function properly and improve accountability, it’s important you set clear expectations, consistently ask and share updates, to avoid any ambiguities. 

Remember the Ultimate Goal in Mind

At the end of the day, teamwork is all about reaching your ultimate goal for which you and your team have been striving for days. The end result could literally make or break a team, a department or even the entire business. So, you should learn to appreciate your team and demonstrate positive teamwork skills. 

Can you think of any other effective teamwork skills? Let us know in the comment section below.

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