Why is Employee Motivation more Important than ever?

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What is Motivation?

Employee Motivation is an abstract entity. It is the stimulus that triggers actions in individuals and a driving force behind all the wonderful advancements that we experience today. Moreover, motivation is the intrinsic quality that makes individuals get up goals for themselves. It is also the drive that pushes the individuals towards attaining those goals.

Researchers identify two kinds of motivation:
Intrinsic Motivation: This type of motivation pushes a person to achieve a goal because it is personally rewarding. As a result, the person feels happy and satisfied.

Extrinsic Motivation: This motivation results in a drive to do something in order to achieve a tangible goal or to avoid punishment.

Why is Employee Motivation more Important than ever

A few decades ago, employee motivation and satisfaction was not really a top agenda for Management. But today it totally is. And the reasons are the following:

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Competition is fierce

Today, the competition is fierce. A slight loophole and neglect pave way for the competitors to barge in and steal your clients. No business can afford that.

This is exactly why businesses need motivated employees all the time— the kind of employees who live and breathe your mission. 

Motivated employees will not only treat your business as their own but also will increase profitability.

Individualization is the new trend

Due to the mushroom growth in nearly every business domain, there are way too many similar products and services. How do businesses make themselves distinct? How do they stand out? The answer lies in individualization.

Today, all businesses try to build, manage and retain an individual identity and this individual identity helps them stand out from the crowd. Additionally, it also helps the brands attract and retain clients who relate to brand identity.

Motivated employees play a great role in building a positive brand image. They contribute to the brand image and help in retaining it. If your employees are demotivated, imagine the kind of energy and message they would be permeating to the world.

Human Resources is the greatest asset

There are a lot of resources that are required for an organization to function properly. But Human Resources are by far the most important resources that an organization possesses. The reason is that it is the employees of the company that uses their knowledge, expertise, and skills to take the mission of the company forward.

Without the right kind of employees, the organization cannot do anything. And with demotivated employees, it cannot do much either. Motivated employees are the greatest asset to a company. People who feel motivated about achieving the day to day tasks deliver amazing collective results.

Employee Motivation brings out results

The Rat-pellet experiment by B. F. Skinner proved that rats tapped the button because they believed that they will get a pellet. The motivation stemmed from the expectation of reward and hence the rat made an effort. We all can learn from this experiment that motivation drives us to make an effort and bring out results.

Employees who are motivated to keep up their performance. They make efforts to deliver even better results because they feel that their performance is appreciated. And this cycle of motivation— efforts— outcome — appreciation is never-ending and it brings great profits to the organization.

Employee Retention is very important

Employee motivation is like an investment. With the passage of time, an employee learns the craft and becomes a very valuable asset for the organization.

After spending a considerable amount of time, an employee becomes equipped with the right kind of knowledge and expertise. Replacing this employee is not only very costly but finding a perfect replacement is not always easy. This is why corporations spend so much time and money on their retention policies.

It is very easy to retain a happy and motivated employee. The employees want to stay at a workplace where they feel valued. So if you want to hold on to the good people, keep them motivated.

How to keep the employees motivated

The Entrepreneur suggests great ideas about keeping your employees motivated. It suggests that


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  • The employees shall be allowed to maintain their individuality and a sense of freedom.
  • Empower the employees with the right kind of tools so that they do not feel handicapped.
  • Invest in employee development. Ongoing learning and development boost employee morale.
  • Let the employees know that their efforts are acknowledged and thank them.
  • Reward your employees for the good work that they do. Sharing profits helps them feel connected.


Motivated employees are an irreplaceable asset to a company. They are the reason that an organization grows and reaps profits. Many organizations around the world invest a lot in keeping the workforce happy and motivated.

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