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November 14, 2019
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10 best time management apps in 2020

Best time Tracking app

Time management apps are becoming increasingly common due to rising demand. Every business enterprise or startup is concerned about maintaining productivity levels, and that is only possible through an efficient time tracking or project management system.

It gives an accurate picture and insight into employee’s productivity and manifests their peak performance levels. Time monitoring apps bring-in more cost efficiency and transparency into businesses thus generating more revenue than ever before.

Here we are detailing 10 best time management apps in 2020 that you will need to save and manage your time:

Slack – collaboration and communication


Slack is one of the most used management apps that companies prefer. It is basically a tool for communication and collaboration. Slack offers shared channels with search options. It can be integrated with numerous other project management app(s). These are some of the features that make the work convenient and staff members located around the world can connect with each other.

    • You can pin messages and refer to channels
    • Manage and track documents
    • Advanced search option
    • Shared channels to streamline work activities

It’s especially good if you are located in workspaces scattered around the country or world even. You can communicate and coordinate across businesses or units of the same business that require secure communication. Not only this, you can easily streamline your sidebar through it.

For instance, if you need to send frequent messages to some channels more than another. You can make them ascend in the sidebar to ease the process for you. Google calendar app can be integrated to keep your schedule on track.

Platforms: Windows, iOS, Linux


StaffTimerApp – Time tracking for employees

stafftimerapp dashboard

Stafftimer App is one of the best time management apps available in this competitive market of time trackers. It assists global teams and also remote workers to track their productivity.

There are some unique features offered on this app which include the following:

    • Real-time monitoring
    • Task assignment via voice clips
    • Intelligence reports
    • Daily work image & video logs
    • Instant screen capture
    • Keystroke & mouse activity

The screenshot feature is optional for example if an employee is involved in fieldwork and employers can simply opt-out of screenshot capture feature and just track the time alone. 

With audio clips process of assigning tasks is expediated in an unprecedented manner. Lengthy emails are outdated now. Even feedback is given via this method. This saves time for both an employer and an employee. On the other hand, Real-time monitoring is a live screen sharing with an employee. An employer can actually visualize, what his staff member is up to? Similarly, intelligence reports will provide insights into how much time was spent on different URLs.

Above all, daily work videos provide employees with an overview of their whole day’s progress. It has a user-friendly interface and convenient for every significant industry like legal, healthcare, accounting, designing, accounting or even freelancing. So if you want to make time tracking your habit, it’s for you.

Staff timer app provides on-demand integrations with any software of your choice.

Platforms: Windows, Mac


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Asana – Project & time management apps



Asana is one of the most commonly known and popular products available for project management. It helps you monitor and track your goals and projects to further your business. It helps you decide, and handle your priorities and projects in a structured way.

You can assign tasks and then watch them progress. Never miss deadlines by creating a timeline so you never miss out on anything. There are 100 integrations that help you bring every useful file and document in one place.

    • Activity feed
    • Automatic updates on emails
    • Track tasks and add followers
    • Comment on tasks

You can track the most important or urgent tasks based on customized preferences. Create projects and teams private to protect sensitive information.

Platforms: Andriod, iOS, Chrome


Evernote – Note tracking app



Evernote is one of the best time managing solutions for note-taking especially if you are not organized and feel lost when you are unable to locate your required document. No matter what device you use, it will store and retain your most important information.

There are various methods through which you can store your information with Evernote:

    • You can type notes, take photos or even add voice notes
    • Less hassle in organizing or searching the notes
    • You can create notebooks that are folders precisely

It does offer an interesting feature of tracking data with the help of geolocation which means you can trace data based on the location when you entered it. Asana has an optical character recognition function that caters to images you upload with text on them. For example, a handwritten note whose image you took and added.

Platform: iOS, Mac, Windows, Android


Remember the Milk – App for managing tasks


Remember the Milk Dashboard


Remember the milk is a kind of virtual assistant for managing your time and tasks. It offers a smart list option that sets a distinction between personal and professional tasks. It helps you to:

    • Update task
    • Create subtasks
    • Set deadlines ranging from days, months, & years

You can share tasks and lists with others. It’s a free-to-use app unless you subscribe to its premium features. Pro users can add unlimited users, restrict access to edit, and can work in offline status as well.

Platform: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Fire, Apple Watch


Todoist – Task management lists



Todoist is one of the strongest task managers that can handle things from simple domestic task to an important and professional one. It’s one of the most suitable time management apps for both business teams or individuals like freelancers. It can handle both basic and advanced level tasks.

Some of its key features are:

    • SSL secured connection
    • Task priorities
    • Projects and subprojects
    • Active projects can be 80 with 5 members at maximum in each

It offers more than 100 integrated tools. Todo-ist is available on most of the devices with the consistent design shown on all of them. You can pin your important projects, label or filter them accordingly.

Platforms: Mac, Windows, Android, Chrome, Safari, Linux


Basecamp – Organize Projects



Basecamp is one of the most popular project management applications. It doesn’t only keep to-do lists, but also keep notes, files and events’ schedules as well. This app holds central importance for task organization. It has a user-friendly interface with a one-month free subscription.

Its benefits include:

    • Transparent management and accountability
    • More efficient communication and coordination
    • Updated customizations and integrations

Every project depicts outdated to-do tasks and stores all the files associated with each of the tasks even if the deadline has exceeded. Basecamp is suitable for companies of all sizes and even for remote workers.

Many renowned multinationals are its clients. This task manager is supported in multiple languages and an ideal fit for globally sparsed teams.

Platforms: web, iOS, Android, Mac, and PC


Trello – A work collaboration tool



Trello is an extremely user-friendly task management software that gives an impression of a whiteboard. It’s free of cost and you can create multiple boards with your to-do lists, along with ‘doing’ and ‘done’ task cards.

    • Quick overview
    • Drag and drop function
    • Easy to organize with tags and labels

There are cards within boards where one can add tasks and set the due date as needed. Collaborations are simplified with this software. With the free version, one can have an unlimited number of boards, cards, checklists, and attachments. You can remove or delete the cards from the boards and can rename them anytime. Besides you can add as many members as you like into them.

This software provides seamless integrations with google docs and dropbox. 

Platforms: Web, Mac, Windows


Dropbox – Store and Organize files



Dropbox is one of the most widely known and popular file-sharing options. It’s considered the most prestigious document storage and sharing software. It is suitable for both businesses and individuals’ needs.

With the help of cloud storage, it makes the entire process extremely convenient for accessing, storing and retrieving files.

    • Simplified link sharing via email, chat or even a text
    • Provide offline access
    • Online backup and file retrieval
    • Manually determined bandwidths
    • Accessible from any device

Dropbox offers a successful and trend-setting referral program. Through which 500MB storage is obtained with every referral. There are numerous software that allows data sharing but not as efficient as dropbox even that, for free.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android


Proof hub – Project Planning Software


Proof hub

Proof hub brings in many features to eliminate the need of subscribing to numerous apps for task management solutions. It tries to develop a centralized location for communication, project management, and handle teams efficiently.

    • Workflows and boards
    • Mobile and tablet compatibility
    • Advanced search
    • Multiple languages

It helps you upload your documents easily from a centralized location. No more hassle to manage documents through email. It is a reporting software that presents a report on how the resources were used and give the insight to track the progress of various projects.

Remote members can use it to discuss and share ideas with each other as it also serves as a communication tool.

Platforms: Android, iOS