Undeniable advantages of using an Employee Monitoring System

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Monitoring employees is a multifaceted phenomenon. From the employers’ perspective, it is a way of enhancing productivity. Whereas from the employees’ perspective, it seems slavish. But the truth of the matter remains that there are many advantages of using Employee Monitoring Systems. For this reason, the market statistics for such systems are soaring.

Kinds of Employee Monitoring Systems

No two workplaces have the same kind of environment and requirements. The diversity in the Corporate Sector calls for different kinds of employee tracking tools. 

Find the different kinds of Employee Monitoring tools below:

GPS Tracking Software

Keeping an eye on the employees who are working right in the next room is much easier than tracking the performance of an employee whose job requires him to move around in the city. For such jobs, GPS Tracking Software is available. These trackers are usually deployed in vehicles or the employee’s mobile phones.  It helps you to track the location of the employees.

Time Tracking Software

Time tracking has become an integral part of many organizations around the world. This software calculates the actual amount of time, spent on each task.

Moreover, it comes packed with subtle features that help the managers in monitoring the employees. In addition to conventional management.

Remote Employee Monitoring Software

Telecommuting and Remote Work is slowly becoming the reality of the contemporary Corporate World. This trend created room for an employee monitoring system. Today, there are some Softwares that caters to the distributed teams. The features empower the employers to such an extent that they can monitor employee activity without any hindrance due to the great distances.

Employee Microchipping

Some futuristic tech companies have introduced microchipping for the employees — embedding tiny microchips in human bodies. The purpose of these microchips is to rid the employees of identity cards. Also, the complex and time-consuming employee monitoring systems. These chips will let employers know about the location and activities of their employees.

Advantages of Employee Monitoring System

Employees often feel that tracking their activities, is a breach of privacy. They see it as a sign of mistrust. Many argue that it restricts the employees to follow a predefined path religiously. But such restrictions sabotage the creativity of the people, which is often a good thing.


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Optimize the Productivity

Time tracking Software helps employees in becoming more productive. Similarly, the Hawthorne effect suggests that people tend to become more productive when they know that their employers are observing them.

Monitoring employees at the workplace is fundamentally an extension of ‘observing’. In workspaces, this conjecture holds true. Managers tend to think the same.

Sound HR decisions

Employers and Human Resource Managers have found it to be extremely useful especially when they have to make HR decisions. HR decisions are mostly influenced by employee behavior and performance.

With the help of such tools, employers and managers are able to observe the skills of the personnel discreetly. This helps a lot in making good HR decisions. And we know that good Human Resources is conditional for profitability.

Reduce Data Theft

According to a study from Keeper Security, Data Theft has recently emerged as the leading concern, most of the organizations around the world have. In recent times, we have witnessed data theft costing corporations billions of dollars. However, in most cases, these unfortunate events have occurred due to irresponsible employee behavior.

To make sure that such cases do not occur, organizations have shifted to surveillance. Additionally, tracking their teams’ time and productivity.

Control Cyberloafing

Cyberloafing is one of the leading ways the employees waste time at work. Employees often use the internet for doing personal tasks, like online shopping, paying the bills replying to emails, etc.

Moreover, employees often get distracted by the abyss i.e. the internet. They check social media frequently and often get caught up in scrolling these time-consuming applications.

Therefore, when an employee monitoring tool is used, employers stay focused on work and avoid distracting activities as they make them look bad!

Convince your employees!

It is not uncommon for employees to feel violated when such a tool is deployed! However, we have seen from the discussion above that using such software is pretty much mandatory in today’s day and age. Following tips can help you persuade your team


The advantages of using Employee Monitoring System are undeniable. They help corporations save hundreds of thousands of dollars. But the practice hangs in a delicate balance. For this reason, it is important to not make it a vexing practice for the employees!

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