Time Tracking software for Accountants

Accounting and Book Keeping is one of the most important jobs that is performed in an organisation. Because the calculations of cash flow decide the direction of a company in the future. So we can claim that sound Accounting practises are a prerequisite of running a successful business.

But what keeps Accounting from derailing? t’s effective Time management. And that can be done by using a good Time Tracking Software for Accountants.

Meeting deadlines is a make or a break in the field of Accounting. there are several reasons for that:

  1. Many of the deadlines are set by the governments, for example tax filing. Failing to meet them is a breach of law and can cause heavy financial penalties. Hence, Accountants have no option of being slack about their job. There is no Plan B!
  2. Deadlines are very important as they deliver results that are subsequently used to make informed Corporate decisions. Shareholders, customers, investors, suppliers and many more depend upon the fiscal reports to make future decisions of all the entities involved.
  3. The contractual obligations of businesses require accurate and timely reporting of Accounts and Finances because the future business trajectory heavily relies upon the information compiled by the Accountants.

Deadlines are best met when good habits of Time Tracking are used by the Accountants. Gone are the days when a paper and pen was used by an Accountant to keep track of his professional activities.

Even the classic Time Sheets aren’t good enough for the Accountants of today because they do not work on a single project or with a single client. Instead, a contemporary Accountant works on multiple projects and multiple clients at the same time. This calls for a smart tool that is automated, flexible and works in the background.

StaffTimerApp: Time Tracking Software for Accountants

There is a mushroom growth of Time Tracking SaaS products. But StaffTimerApp is best suited to the needs of an Accountant. It can help an Accounting and Book Keeping professional in the following ways!


Accountant with work overload


  • StaffTimerApp provides a sleek Dashboard where the tasks are divided as Projects and the employers can invite the employees to work on their Projects. We can imagine that an Accountant using StaffTimerApp gets invited by several clients to work on their unique Accounting related tasks. The Dashboard of the employee will look like a collection of Projects, each Project being supervised by the respective client. This division of work in small manageable pieces is the first step towards effective time management.
  • The client related to a project will have access to view the progress of the task that is underway. No matter if the Accountant is an in-house resource or a remote employee, the employer can get real time access to his work activities. StaffTimerApp also gives the option of monitoring in real time that is implemented through Screen Sharing. The option of Screen Sharing can also help in resolving an issue, as the shared screen will show the client which problem the Accountant is referring to. The clarity achieved by visual access can help in settling disputes that can blow up in the future and consume a lot of time and consequently push deadlines.
  • Many Accountants bill by the hour. To cater to this need, StaffTimerApp works like a charm. Because it tracks time by capturing the screenshots and the accuracy that is achieve is very high. Also it offers not only the exact counting of billable hours worked for a certain project but it also provides verifiable records of the time that is spent on a project, hence transparency is ensured! The remote monitoring and deep insights into the progress help the employers and employees in setting up realistic deadlines!
  • Working with an intelligent Hawkeye that keeps track of how every moment is spent can be very useful in identifying the distractions. This diagnosis leads to planning for resolving and weeding out the distractions. Moreover, it can also pinpoint the complications that come up and predict a failure of meeting deadlines. The heads up can trigger damage control strategies.
  • Using StaffTimerApp can prove very beneficial for the Accountants as the generated reports out minute details about the work habits. For a certain professional, morning hours might be a lot more productive as compared to the evening hours. A person can boost up the productivity if he works in accordance to his natural strengths and weaknesses. And this in turn can help in meeting deadlines quicker!

The lives of Accountants can be simplified to a great extent by using StaffTimerApp, a great Time Tracking software for Accountants. The woes of clients who hire remote Accountants are also answered. In a nutshell, the whole process is streamlined and simplified!