5 ways Real-Time Monitoring is Revolutionising Businesses

Employees monitoring task on screen

Generally speaking, many employees misunderstand the concept of Real-time Monitoring. When it comes up, we start imagining spy technology, cameras, deep surveillance, and secret data agents, keeping an eye on an individual’s every move.

Like it or not,  it might be true in many cases. But we do like to believe that employees over-exaggerate the very idea of real-time monitoring more often than not. 

Companies are always able to monitor employees to ensure the productivity that whether the employees are making the best use of their resources. And surprisingly the emergence of new technologies is specifically designed for providing exactly that; tracking employee time, productivity, online browsing data, screen monitoring and what not. 


… Real-time monitoring is raising concern among teams. But it doesn’t sound so bad. Look at the bright side; how it is helping employers to understand the trends and state of an employee’s progress and productivity.

You don’t believe us?

Let’s look at some of the ways in which real-time employee monitoring is revolutionizing global businesses:

Insight into Employee’s Productivity

Perhaps the most common argument for real-time monitoring, deployed by companies is that it can make employees more productive. Pioneers of monitoring software claim they are helping managers to ensure that employees make better use of time. Also, to minimize the number of wasted hours.

Keeping in view, that often employees are expected to do more in less time, in order to catch up with the world of business. Real-time monitoring is providing companies with a  new and innovative way to scale their businesses, preventing a drop in efficiency. With so many challenges it can be difficult for employers to measure individual productivity that’s why having real-time employee monitoring tools is a great deal. 

Acting as a ‘Big brother’

By monitoring employee screens, companies can easily see what workers are doing, on the spot, it also prevents employees from deviating from their set working schedule. 

Real-time employee monitoring works as a ‘Big brother’ to the corporate world. It can see into everything on employee’s computer screens from the URLS that employee has opened to which project are they working on. It will instantly let employees know when they violate the company’s internet policy, which also automatically makes them more productive.


Men guiding his teammate

Employee Feedback in Real-time

Customizable employee screen recording lets employers give feedback in real-time. Which in return can improve employee productivity and they can easily correct course.  Real-time feedback not only motivates team members but also reinforces positive contributions towards the end goal. 

Moreover, it reduces bias and supports fair decision making during formal performance reviews, solely based on individual talents & progress, since all performance data can be collected through employee work logs. 

Supports Smarter decisions

Real-time monitoring provides constant information for making informed and smart decisions. How? By seeing trends in employee’s progress as they develop.

All the information gathered through real-time monitoring can then be used to coach and train employees who might not be performing up to the mark while rewarding those who are. It helps employers more effectively point areas where employees may be lagging behind and suggest appropriate improvements accordingly. 

It greatly helps in retaining top talent by keeping them motivated by recognizing their best work and constant appreciation. 

Ensures a smooth workflow

One of the most important aspects of employee screen monitoring software is to see how much time has the employee spent on each project from start till finish. It’s a common knowledge that monitored data can prevent bottlenecks in the workflow. 

Real-time monitoring helps employers with effective workflow about how things should work and, who should be responsible and of which task. For example: with workflow automation, the task that was supposed to take 15 minutes will be completed in 45 seconds.

Convenient for Managing Remote teams

Real-time employee monitoring allows companies to track their distributed team’s work activities and monitor their engagement. Making it easier for them to measure productivity, and collect proof of actual working hours from afar. 

Productivity monitoring in real time ensures that your company is delivering peak performance in today’s competitive business landscape and helping them stay ahead of the curve.


Three employees working on laptop

Having said that…

… Real time Employee monitoring tools are providing you an easy way to ensure whether your staff is spending too much time binge-watching Netflix at work rather than actually working. They’re also an important part of scheduling tasks and generating accurate invoices. 

Since we are talking about tools, Stafftimer App is an employee monitoring tool that can provide huge benefits to your business including comprehensive insights into employees, data gathering, time-tracking, smart reporting, and automation. 

Our advice, choose the tool that’s right for your team, we bet it will be worth it.

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