Proven and Simple ways of Effective Team Communication

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Making Today, Human Resources are the most important kind of resources an organization holds. Fortunately, most organizations acknowledge this fact and work on the nourishment and growth of these resources.

Team Communication is an insanely important part of the Team building process. It is hard but definitely rewarding.

What is Team Communication?

Business Dictionary defines Communication as a two-way process of reaching mutual understanding, in which participants not only exchange information, news, ideas, and feelings but also create and share meaning.

We can say that Team Communication is the process of exchange of information between the members of a Team. Since the people in a team are joined together due to a shared vision or mission, this exchange is often directed towards achieving a common goal.

Advantages of Team Communication?

Communication is the most important group dynamic and it is due to the many advantages that it has.

According to a survey, 86% of executives believed that faulty and incomplete communication between the team members is one of the major reasons for workplace failure.

Some advantages of effective communication among the team are:

  1. It helps the project management process.
  2. Improves the organizational culture of a company.
  3. Results in team cohesion.
  4. Pushes people towards a common goal.

Proven ways of effective Team Communication

The following are the proven ways of effective Team Communication.


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No such thing as a stupid question

There are no stupid questions, only some stupid answers. If this idea is inculcated in the minds of all the employees, no one will be afraid to ask a question. Seemingly trivial and silly questions can help identify problems otherwise overlooked. Sometimes, these questions can help in identifying crucial but unnoticed problems.

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Open door policy

Authoritarian leadership is an outdated concept. Laissez-Faire is the trend of the day. The managers and bosses who keep an open door policy report that the team members are happier and in tune with the mission of the organization.

Leaders who do not communicate with the team members reflect that the employees are not much important. Making employees feel disconnected and unimportant is the leading cause of employee dissatisfaction.

An open-door policy assures the employees that their opinions matter!

Democratic Decision Making

Today, most businesses cannot survive without a democratic environment. 

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to ask for the input of your team members. Decision making that is based on the input of the team members leads to beneficial results. This is because the input of varied and diversified minds can propose options and directions that were not conceivable for a single person.

The group participation results in improved Team Communication.


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Clear Feedback

Among all the group building efforts, Feedback is the most important element. It has a wide range of advantages on the personal level and collectively as well.

Feedback is the stepping stone of motivating an employee. Positive feedback pushes employees towards doing even better, according to psychologist B. F. Skinner. Negative but controlled feedback can become the basis of doing better and improving the state of affairs.

Feedback can help individuals develop a high-quality skill set. This way an employee can become a great asset to the organization.

Team Building by extracurricular activities

Work can be mundane, monotonous and sometimes boring. But extracurricular activities are definitely not. And they are a great way of enhancing team cohesion.

Extracurricular activities motivate employees to get together as a team and make use of the collective skillset. Teams that play together, stay together!


Team communication among employees

Conduct surveys

It is of utmost importance to find out what makes your employees uncomfortable. Do they feel that their compensation is justified? Are they happy with the Corporate Policies? Do they agree to Corporate Culture?

It is important that you communicate the answers to these questions to the higher management without any distortion of the facts. Sometimes it is advisable to conduct anonymous surveys to protect the employees.  Still, these surveys are of immense importance in the world of today, where employee and human rights are given unprecedented importance.


Effective Communication in the Corporate Sector is extremely important in the contemporary world. It is the linchpin of collaborative efforts that are necessary to deliver top-notch products and services!

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