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October 30, 2019
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Monitor Productivity Record with Keystrokes and Mouse clicks

To run a business efficiently, sheer productivity is required and there are many ways to asses it. Calculating your company’s revenue would be the most basic indicator of productivity. But when it comes to measuring the productivity of a single employee, owners need to resort to some specific ways. Besides Stafftimer, there are few employee time tracking apps that provide keystroke counts. 

But, if an employer wants to honestly judge how productive an employee is, only calculating keyboard and mouse activity will not give the whole picture. With Stafftimer, business owners get a statistical view of keystrokes combined with mouse activity, total progress, and idle time percentages. An employee engagement activity graph is also available. 

Difference between keylogger and keystroke counter  

Both keylogger and keystroke counter is based on the same working mechanism. But the main purpose of both tools is very different. The basic reason for developing these tools was to study human-computer interaction.

This software is legal but some people use it for malicious activities such as to steal passwords and confidential information. 

For the sole purpose of employee engagement activities, this tool was tweaked and been made more secure. Now it only counts the number of keystrokes along with mouseclicks without recording any text or work information.

Stafftimer Keystroke

There exists another type of keylogger called hardware keylogger. It is a small device used as a connector between computer and keyboard. Its design resembles an ordinary PS/2 connector or USB adapter. Making it easier for someone to monitor activities and stay unseen at the same time.   

How Stafftimer use keystroke counter

To best get an idea of employee engagement activities, Stafftimer integrates idle time, mouse clicks, and keystroke counts. It combines all peripheral uses and calculates an employee’s progress based on previous keystroke number over idle time. It does all this while still maintaining the transparent relation between an employer and an employee. 

In addition, Stafftimer allows even an employee to see his or her own progress and keystroke counts so that they may increase their productivity in the future.  

To have some statistical view, both employer and employee have a bar chart on their dashboard. This chart shows an employee’s history regarding active and inactive time, based on the use of keystrokes and mouse clicks. Employers can also view the progress of their employees on a daily and hourly bases. 

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Other obscure uses of keyloggers

Both small and large companies ethically use keyloggers. Most companies have a system that can detect some particular keywords. 

Nowadays, there is a conspiracy floating around that suggests that Facebook is eavesdropping its users through their microphones. But that doesn’t seem likely. Facebook’s official statement reads, “Facebook does not use your phone’s microphones to inform ads or to change what you see in your newsfeed.”

But, why does it feel like Facebook and its advertisers are in the same room with you?

This is because they are so good at tracking you online and offline that it feels like they have access to your conversations. With a legal and ethical use of keystroke logging and AI algorithms, Facebook can track your interests and show you advertisements that might catch your attention. This article on the Wallstreet journal goes into the gritty details. 

There is a term called Corporate keylogging. It refers to tracking and recording the computer activities of employees and contractors for three purposes. 

Real-time monitoring and alerting

This is especially used for IT and security personal. Why? So that they can immediately notify any suspicious or dangerous behaviors and/or activity. 

After fact investigation

To help administrators investigate system failures and data breaches. Also used to look into malicious activity during root cause analysis.

Compliance auditing

To help auditors determine how well the company is complying with laws and regulations. It also helps identify violators.  

A corporate keylogger is not used manually. It is used to search for keywords and get real-time alerts. 

Like any other tool, keyloggers can be used for legal and illegal purposes. Many parents use it on their children’s smartphones for surveillance. Stafftimer also provides daily work videos. When an employee’s keystroke counter combines with video recordings, video quality dramatically increases.