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Employee Time Tracking with Screenshots! Is it really needed?

505 4 minutes

With every passing day and a step closer to becoming more technologically advanced every day, newer ideas and technologies are making their way into the Corporate..

Proven ways to track employee’s productivity in today’s world

585 5 minutes

Productivity is the buzz work of current times. Many people are trying to be more productive in their personal lives. Many more are trying to enhance their work productivity.

Why do you need a Time Tracker for Work?

513 8 minutes

Using a Tracker tool sounds annoying! Do you really need a Time tracker for work? Are the bosses being unreasonable and irrational with their demands of using a Time Tracker?

Undeniable advantages of using an Employee Monitoring System

545 4 minutes

Employee Monitoring is a multifaceted phenomenon. From the employers’ perspective, it is a way of enhancing the productivity. From the employees’ perspective..

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