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How to Persuade Employees to Track Time

444 4 minutes

It has been observed that employees do not like the practise of Time Tracking. This sentiment is pretty much universal all around the world. But the trends in the Corporate…

Why Programmers don’t like Time Tracking Software

419 5 minutes

Programming and Software Development is one of the harder jobs in the world. The professionals of these fields are knowledge workers and their job often is to think.

Top 5 Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams

502 6 minutes

The upsurge in the market of online collaboration tools suggests that long gone are the days when the employers were limited to the local talent pool.

Rational and Ethical Employee Monitoring Software

463 5 minutes

An amazingly large chunk of employees and knowledge workers make use of digital devices to get the work done. Many people around the world spend the 8 work..

Use Virtual Office Software for Sustainable Environment

508 4 minutes

Planet Earth has been heating up. The Glaciers are melting. The icecaps of North and South Pole are melting. Floods are becoming a frequent occurring.

Use Virtual Office Software to help your Blogging Business

469 3 minutes

During the early years of the new millennium, a blog was primarily a forum where a single individual shared his views and opinions about a certain niche.

How Artificial Intelligence is changing the World

549 5 minutes

Comics and Sci-Fi novels romanticise the idea of migrating to Mars for the survival of human race when AI overpowers the human beings. Is AI really going to overpower the humans?

How Time Tracking Software makes Freelancing easier?

451 5 minutes

Freelancing is growing like crazy. But remote employees can give you heart palpitations by being less productive and more costly. But as there is a solution to every problem.

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