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Top 3 Time Tracking Apps for Remote Workers

537 5 minutes

Many people around the world have welcomed the trend of Remote Work. It is exciting, it is diverse and it is a great experience. Thanks to the innovative tools..

Why is Employee Motivation more Important than ever?

522 4 minutes

Motivation is an abstract entity. It is the stimulus that triggers actions in individuals. It is the driving force that has been responsible for all the wonderful advancements..

Proven and Simple ways of Effective Team Communication

484 4 minutes

Today, Human Resources are the most important kind of resources an organization holds. Fortunately, most organizations acknowledge this fact and work..

How Time Tracking makes Work from Home easier?

530 5 minutes

Work from Home was previously unthinkable. But today, it has been made possible because of the many amazing tools that we have available today.

How Time Tracking helps Project Management Process

549 4 minutes

Project Management is a fairly new concept. Prior to the 20th century, builders and architects managed the projects themselves. Project Management acquired..

Infographic: Guilty of wasting Time at work? We all are!

540 3 minutes

We all are guilty of wasting time at work. Some of us are more than others. But I am sure that none of us can claim to be an angel with no fouls.

Increase Employee Productivity at work | Effective ways to make big changes

556 5 minutes

We are in the era of cut-throat competition. Everything is done at a supersonic speed. There is no time to slow down or take a break. All these things are more than true..

The Rise of Remote Working (Infographic)

564 3 minutes

A few decades ago, no one would have considered working from home as something practical. Working from home was pretty much limited to cottage industries and women..

How Time Tracking can transform the Organizational Culture

536 5 minutes

Organizational Culture, Corporate Culture, Business Culture, Workplace Culture; these words are interchangeably used by professionals all the time.

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