Why is your time tracking software lacking when you are paying top dollar for it?

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The year 2020 has made one thing clear: “the show must go on”, no matter how disastrous the atmosphere is, the show does go on at all costs. The apparent or real, dysfunction and restriction posed on the society owing to this hellish pandemic, every function of the society was halted, but after sometime everything started working and adapting.

This is where work from home comes in handy and the global economy survived to some extent. As everything moved indoors, there was an urgent need to monitor employees. It not only saved jobs and economy but also created a lot of jobs. It opened up an avenue for remote workers and the organisations started hiring remote talent, thus expanding themselves. 

The mushroom growth in monitoring software was seen and many organisations opted for automated solutions while offloading expenses. Even though organisation were paying top dollar for the services they were consuming. Still there were issues regarding team management. So let’s see why your app is still not up to the mark.


Limited Features

Most of the apps use the simple and basic features such as “screenshots”. These features might be needed by some clients but limiting the client to these features is nothing short of a mistake. 

Whether you are managing a remote team or an office either way, you can certainly not hope to fulfil the requirements of successful leadership when all you have to show is a screenshot. There are several needs that should be catered and this is one of the reasons that your app is not running to their full capacity. So how can you achieve full capacity. So let’s explore the one main feature that you are missing out hugely and it is as follow:


Record and Assign Tasks

That there is the secret to Staff Timer App’s success, providing the only feature that is capable of boosting your business and can take you to the next step. Now what exactly is record and assign tasks?

What is Record and Assign?

The record and assign feature allows you to do so much for your employees and team while demanding so little. This is a revolutionary feature now you can not only assign tasks but also record the task that is being worked upon.

This is one of the best features that you can ask for and for an extra tidbit it is only available here. So what does it do? The idea behind this feature is to provide the task and tracking in the same feature, now you can do a-lot with this feature.

It allows the lead to give instant feedback and not only that you can share screen and assign tasks to individual team members. The best thing about this feature is that it will be replacing the office and save your office expenses, cutting it down by 40%. Amazing isn’t it? You can now provide description and assign tasks in seconds, record voice notes along with your screen and attach documents. 

In short you can perform all those tasks through an app that would otherwise be done by a team, or an administration team. So for you it is not only cutting your cost but also getting your work done through automation. 


Cut Extra Costs 

An average monitoring app costs per user is around $7 so the bigger the team, the bigger the cost. While you are paying so much you are not getting anything else than screenshots and an app that runs in the background irritating your users. 

In a sense you are not only paying for that app but also for the administration services that are running you dry. Operational costs are cut drastically as the world has already moved towards digitisation, why should you work in an analogue world then? The ultimate future is an absolute automation from home to work, with minimal cost.



The Staff Timer App believes in complete automation of the workplace, we want to accommodate and facilitate the client in the best possible way we can! It not only automates the process but also cuts the cost of operations and administration panels altogether. 

The record and assign feature of the Staff Timer App is a revolutionary feature to manage teams, tasks instantly and get the best out of your team. 

5 Project Management Trends in 2020

Project management is one of the crucial business disciplines for eons now and is always in the spotlight.  Every other company wants to find a better, more innovative way to manage their projects to effectively improve the productivity of their teams (big and small businesses alike), and to do so they prefer using the changing ways of project management. 

As technological changes are ramping up, it’s important to know how these changes have impacted organizations in managing and executing projects. So industry professionals should always be ready to ride the tide!

Here we are going to discuss the most important Project Management trends in 2020. Because these project management trends are here to stay and will impact your teams, your clients, and your approach towards work. So be prepared:

The Inclusion of Artificial Intelligence and Automation in Project Management

Just like many other prominent industries such as Healthcare, Software development, and Finance, the global impact of AI can be seen in the applications of Project management as well. Many organizations have inculcated the use of AI to streamline their day to day work activities and productivity through task tracking and automation. They have been using AI-based tools to not only automate tasks but to get deeper insights into the overall performance levels. 

One such example is the Staff timer app. It is a time tracking software. This application uses Screenshots to track time which is captured after specific intervals and then sorts the screenshots using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. After sorting statistical analysis, reports containing billable and non-billable hours are generated. In the end, you get extensive reports for the work done on projects.

Such tools help organizations in making smart and informed future decisions based on the insights and data available. Which in return helps them save useful resources that would otherwise go to waste. Most importantly, project managers should embrace AI in their processes and then learn how to take advantage of it for successful project completion.

Hybrid Project Management Approaches

There is no denying the fact that no one size fits all. Meaning no one project management technique can work for different teams. This is where the idea of hybrid project management approaches comes in. This concept has been a center of attention for a number of industries out there. That is why we can see many project managers working with or combining more than one project management methodologies to get promising results. 

Implementing a hybrid model can help you bring all your projects, tasks, teams, communication at one spot which further will help you keep track of everything from a centralized place. Plus point, this brings in more stability, engagement, productivity, and efficiency among teams and work. But first, it’s important to understand which approach works the best for you, or the amalgam of it, to proceed further. 

A Rapid Shift to Remote Work

We can see many workplaces shifting to remote work in this Pandemic but it’s not new. Many companies have preferred working remotely way before that and it’s not going to stop. According to Gallup: 

“Remote working has been on the rise since 2012: from 39% in 2012 to 43% in 2016. The desire to work remotely is here to stay and it isn’t limited to a few select industries.”

Remote project management is one of the many challenges that companies face. Staff timer app itself deals with remote employees and we know how difficult it is to stay ahead of things. But with challenges come many benefits. Remote working not only brings in more flexibility but also no commuting. If we look at it from a project manager’s perspective, project costs are reduced. Additionally, you get a chance to work with diverse talent from all around the world. 

Since remote working itself is a trend, project managers can arrange daily even weekly meetings to check the progress of tasks. Make teams accountable for their performance using the Staff timer app or other tools at their disposal.

Risk Assessment and Competitiveness

This is one of the key trends in project management in 2020. It has been continuing from 2019 and still going strong. But now it has put more focus on Risk management. As more and more players are entering the market every day, competition is exponentially increasing at a rapid rate.

The reason why having a risk management strategy in place is crucial. It not only helps global companies in reducing the impact of threats but also gives them an advantage over each other. There is no denying the fact and minimum risks mean maximum chances of success. Eventually leading to more ROI and a stable customer base. 

So in order to avoid future risks, one should identify risks through various risk assessment techniques such as SWOT analysis beforehand including potential threats, strengths, weaknesses, and future opportunities to have a clear picture.

Need for Organizational Collaboration

Nowadays companies depend on continuous collaboration. Teams work together in order to meet the deadlines. In 2020, we can see more collaboration tools, tips, and tricks paving its way into the industry. 

Communication is an important part of the collaboration. We saw how emotional intelligence and communication have increased business value over the past few years. So it’s important as project managers to keep improving their business and communication skills.

Some of the steps that project managers can take:

    • Creating a proper communication plan
    • Being specific about the communication and collaboration channels 

Make sure you and your team are on the same page as you and the Staff timer app can help you greatly with it. It provides you clear project management tools to communicate your tasks with your team. It also provides various customized options to meet your organizational needs.