Why Time Management is Important For Marketers

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Marketing is a field of paramount importance. It can essentially make or break a business. It has always been like this but nowadays the field has evolved and become a lot more complex.

The marketing managers are busy most of the times and Time is everything to them. Let’s explore why time management is important for marketers.

Paradigms of Marketing

The contemporary fast paced world

You have got to market a new SaaS product or an innovative design for the upcoming Fashion Week, if you’re not fast enough, you’re going to lose!

Even if their idea is not as good as yours, even if their product is below par yours, it is still highly likely that they will succeed simply because they reached the audience first. It’s quite like the Tera Nullius of State Acquisition!

Fierce competition, big fish ready to prey on little fish

As unfair as it may sound, survival of the fittest is the norm. And the bigger the business, the more it is likely to eat up the little ones. Hence, small companies have to act very strategically and timely. If they fail to act in time, they are bound to lose.

Big organisations have big teams

Big businesses have huge resources at their disposal and to compete with them, the small ones have to make use of every resource that they have. But for big businesses to design and manage successful campaigns, efficient Time Management is the key.

Marketers are the face of a Business

No matter how amazing your new product is or how useful service you’re offering, if you fail to reach the target audience and that too on time, failure is inevitable. Hence it is safe to say that marketers are the face of a Business!

What slows down Marketers

Fine line between work and leisure

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Marketing is a very diverse field and it has evolved to become a fun filled profession. Many marketers often feel that there is a fine line between work and leisure and they often unknowingly cross the line.

It is natural for a Digital Marketer to waste time on Facebook. Similarly, many marketing executives spend a little too much time on harbouring contacts and links.

Multitasking affects performance

Marketers are multitasking all the time. They develop campaigns, conduct research, present ideas and strategies, create digital content, manage and maintain websites, coordinate and organise events and much more!

But too much of multitasking can actually cause a decline in the productivity of people. Hence, tasks should be managed diligently.

Presence in too many places

Since the marketing executives have too much on their plates, their virtual presence is needed in a lot of places.

Without proper time management and time tracking practises, the marketing executives often feel lost in the corporate world.

Extensive use of digital technology

Today, marketing is incomplete without making a mark in the digital arena. The people in the industry spend a large chunk of their time while managing and improving the online presence of their business.

Furthermore, a lot of time is spent using digital tools for marketing management. Its very easy to get distracted and lose productivity.

Why Time Management is Important

Insights into the Time Spent

Marketing executives spend time doing a lot of diverse activities. By keeping a track of activities that occupy an executive’s day and the fruits that it bears, time could be better spent at achieving superior results.

Good time tracking and management practises can boost the productivity to a great extent.

Identify and defeat distractions

Insightful Time Tracking reports can tell a marketer how much of their time was spent on useful activities and how much of it was wasted. By sound diagnoses, the professionals can weed out the time wasting activities and habits.

Defeating the distractions is the first step towards achieving high goals and enhancing productivity.

Hawkeye over the team

Many marketing managers employ people remotely since a lot of marketing related activities are carried out over the digital devices and physical presence is not necessary.

To make sure that the remote team is working efficiently, Time Tracking Software can help a lot in remote monitoring. By real time access to the productivity of remote employees, Marketing teams can boost productivity by leaps and bounds.

Save time by Tracking Time

In the olden days, a lot of time was wasted while tracking time for employees and businesses. And the results were often far from accurate. But the story isn’t the same today.

Automated Time Tracking systems do not even interfere in the activities of an employee, instead they work quietly in the background only to generate smart insights and useful results.

With such intelligent systems and Software, Time Tracking can actually save time! this is how Why Time Management is Important. Marketing managers believe that sound Time Tracking practices can help them to a great extent in achieving their professional targets and goals.

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