Why Staff timer app?

  • Offering stand-alone features
  • One app for time & project management
  • Real-time remote screen monitoring
  • Multi-level reporting
  • On-demand custom integrations
  • On-premise deployment

What makes us stand out?

In this competitive and fast-moving business landscape, we offer trust and advanced features to companies so that they can make informed decisions. Also;

  • Enhance team communication through audio voice recordings
  • Accessible remote monitoring via real-time live screen sharing
  • Measure productivity through daily video and image logs
  • Check overall progress through keyboard & mouse activity
  • On-demand custom integrations
  • Manage team members through multi-level intelligence reports

Our Approach

Stafftimer App is combining technology and understanding of user behavior to meet growing customer expectations for higher productivity.

  • Build a community of happy & satisfied users
  • Continuously enhancing the user experiences
  • Bring innovation to meet industry standards
  • Giving users an opportunity to boost productivity
  • Helping clients to reach maximum profitability

Our Security Measures

We take security at Stafftimer app very seriously and keep your data safe and private at all costs!

  • All your data is stored in an encrypted form
  • Ensures data security against any unwarranted access
  • Integrated security into our development practices
  • Greatest data & technical security protocols

Our Technology

With application development technologies, Stafftimer App promises to provide significant value to companies by improving their work processes.

  • Providing companies with a single most effective time tracking tool
  • Using cutting-edge technologies for developing innovative solutions
  • Enhancing productivity, profitability, and efficiency

On-premise deployment

Unwilling for a third party to host your data? We are giving you an opportunity to deploy stafftimer app on your own servers for a fraction of the cost.

  • Access to unlimited time tracking and reporting features
  • Have full control of your data security and privacy
  • Custom development of features to fulfill your organizational needs
  • Easy installation with full assistance from one of our developers

Interested? Opt for our premium package and simply get a quote.