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March 13, 2020
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Staff Timer App for Virtual Assistants and Virtual Offices

So, you escaped your office cubicle to start your own business, and it is going fabulously. Now you are focused on what you have always wanted to do, you got numerous emails and clients at your doorstep, everything is going as planned, except there is one thing that isn’t going as it should be.  

When you left your office, you weren’t able to bring your administrative assistance with you. Now that you are all by yourself, you are doing assistance work piled up with your own work. You might find yourself booking flights and spreadsheets in the middle of the night. These administrative tasks are tying up your time and keeping you occupied from doing your business work. 

Or maybe you are a successful office assistant who is somehow tired of balancing the commute and office day with your family needs. You might like to have more control over your routine. Perhaps you want to live on a beach or in the mountains. 

Whether you are an overwhelmed entrepreneur or an office worker longing for more control over your time, a virtual office assistant might be the solution. These virtual assistants can take over vital administrative tasks and can give an entrepreneur time to focus on doing the work he does best and bringing in new business. 

So, basically, what does a virtual office assistant do? How much do they cost, and how can you use staff timer while you are hiring a remote virtual assistant? Keep reading and find out, starting with what exactly a virtual assistant does for you.  

How does a virtual assistant work?

A virtual office assistant is self-explanatory, it is an independent contract worker who provides administrative, creative and technical supports. Usually, that means handling the same types of tasks as an office secretary or a manager, though doing them from a home office. 

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The following are some of the key tasks that are performed by virtual office assistants. 

  • Manage spreadsheets and customer contacts.
  • Setting up meetings and maintaining the calendar. 
  • Handle travel arrangements. 
  • Reaching out to the newsletter through emails.
  • Organize and ship proposals and meeting materials.
  • Take care of client inquiries by phone or email. 

Where does the Staff Timer App come in?

Now that you know what virtual assistant is and what are his responsibilities. You can find a lot of freelance virtual assistants on websites like UpWork and Fiverr. Whether you are hiring a virtual assistant or you are one yourself, staff timer can ease your work in both conditions. 

With Staff Timer you can show your client your work schedule. In addition, with Stafftimer’s easy reporting, you can update your client with ongoing work and other tasks that are in pipeline. If you are working as a virtual assistant on multiple platforms, you can make projects on staff timer app, for example, you ought to choose to work 2 hours on Fiverr and 2 hours on UpWork, Staff timer’s task management can assist your way through.

On the other hand, if you are hiring a remote assistant for your office you can take advantage of numerous features of the Staff timer app. The most significant of them is cost-efficiency. Though there are plenty of other free timer apps, you can deliberately tell why they are free. With staff timer, you can know what your assistant is currently up to with only $2.99/user/month in real-time. If you want to assign any new task to your assistant just add it up to their tasks and you will know when they have started working on it and how much time they took to complete it. 

You can save up to 90% cost with this app and make your virtual assistant’s cost fully utilized.