How to Make Remote Working Easy with StaffTimerApp


After the outbreak of COVID-19  in January, billions of people around the globe now have to sit at home in isolation to help stop the virus from spreading. With everyone indoors, many places such as schools, offices, and companies are facing problems to maintain operations.

Why is remote working so challenging?

It’s much easier to manage when working together in the workplace. Your manager’s presence allows tasks and pointers available at any time. Being present as a team allows more participation through discussions and feedback. But when everyone is separated, it’s hard to avoid the feeling of being lost. Especially for a manager who won’t be able to know how his team is working.

How can you make your workday at home go smoothly?

Although StaffTimer is a great solution to only a part of this problem. You can do more by following these steps:

Step 1: Start with priorities.

Begin each day with a clear mind about which tasks to do first. The focus helps get your goals more efficiently and quickly.

Step 2: Just do it!

Stop anything that gives you the feeling of procrastination even in the slightest. Too sleepy in the morning? Take a cold shower and breakfast when you wake up. Not motivated enough? Listen to uplifting music and give yourself small breaks after doing big tasks.

Step 3: No distractions.

Keep yourself isolated and away from anything that can make you lose your focus. Put your phone out of sight and out of mind. Set some ground rules with your loved ones so they don’t disturb you during your work hours. Make your workspace the best place at home where you can be alone with your job.

Step 4: Learn from your mistakes.

It’s like what Master Yoda once said, “Failure is the greatest teacher.” It’s okay to fail at your tasks as long as you learn and know how to do it right the next time. Making failure motivate you instead of letting you down can be a big game-changer for your working style.

Step 5: Break big tasks into small simpler pieces.

If you were told to write a book, it would take you more time to get it done than it would for George R. R. Martin. This is because you see it as a monumental task to deliver something so big at once. But if you were told to write one chapter each day, you’ll be done writing that book sooner than expected.

Step 6: Good is better than perfect.

Telling your inner perfectionist to take a hike will do wonders for you. You don’t need to spend too much time on a thing just because it’s not as perfect as you want it to be. As long as it’s done right, you can work on the improvements later.

Step 7: Keep yourself on track.

Time is your most valuable asset; you can’t get it back once it’s gone. It’s really crucial you spend the right amount of time on a task so you can allow yourself to get the rest of the things on your list done too.

How to keep track of time with the StaffTimer App?

Luckily for you, StaffTimer is the simplest time-tracker in the market. Just start it up, enter your task and you’re good to go! It’ll note down the amount of time you spend on each you do. With the rest of its features, you can make most out of each day being as productive as you can be.

What else can the StaffTimer App do?

Here’s a list of all the things the app can do for you:

Real-Time Monitoring

You can keep track of your team’s tasks as they happen. By using the live screen sharing tool, you can make it easy to work remotely with others and give feedback. This prevents them from doing anything that would affect their productivity and work.

Keystrokes & Mouse Activity

StaffTimer App records the number of keystrokes and mouse clicks every minute. This allows tracking the time spent being idle or active during a task.

Intelligence Reports

Get detailed reports about your employee’s productivity based on the day’s activities which include the time spent on each app’s usage and URLs visited.

Screenshots Every Minute

StaffTimer App can optionally take screenshots at the intervals of your choice. Even if you lose your internet connection, you can keep your tasks recorded offline.

Record and Assign

You can assign tasks to your team members using voice messages as well. This saves time you’d spend arranging an online meeting or call.

Daily Work Video

Get a summary of your day’s work through a small video every day.


Hopefully, with these tips and StaffTimerApp, you will be more than ready to face the next day of work at home. It might even be possible for companies to consider keeping their workers at home once they realize the benefits. You may never know.

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