A guide to use Staff timer app | Working from home


Since the beginning of 2020 it was predicted that the COVID-19 pandemic will burst out of China toward global level and will cause an economic meltdown along with significant human loss. Survival is necessary now since global lockdown has forced employees to work from home. 

Just as working from home has its attractions such as no commute, no early wake up calls, more flexible work schedule, and minimum stress; it also has some downsides. You are pretty less motivated if you choose to work from the comfort of your homes making it harder for you to achieve your organizational goals. Then there are internet connection problems which can be really challenging at times. Don’t even get us started on the distraction that comes with this attraction when left unchecked! 

While working from home, employees are most likely to fall for these unwanted interruptions not only impacting the company directly but also affects your creative thinking capabilities. Just as employers have obligations to minimize work-place related stress, similarly employees should not place pressure on their employers in this economic turmoil by being less productive. 

But it’s not everything that is bad here. Here we are going to help employers with a comprehensive guide on how they can manage their remote teams using Staff Timer  App. 

User Activity Monitoring

Staff timer offers one of its kind features: Real-time Monitoring. With real-time monitoring you can make sure that everyone is working, you can analyze employee’s work flows, monitor their activity as it is happening and avoid any unwanted online behaviours which would otherwise negatively affect the overall productivity.  Sometimes distractions while working from home can backfire by making the most productive employees unproductive and lacking any progress.  

Plus real-time monitoring is a live screen sharing and streaming tool which can not only help you collaborate but also work collectively on combined projects. It is also making online meetings and employee feedback easier. 

Employee Work Diary

Replace archives with a work diary and track your projects through screenshots at defined intervals. Staff timer offers this feature as optional. Also, you can set any screenshot interval based on your online activity monitoring needs. Screenshots every minute (or more) will not only help you and your teammates to tally notes and work progress but also helps you while collaborating with your clients and major stakeholders. As a business owner you can have accurate tracking of your teams. Moreover, employers can see who is spending time on cat memes at work.

Using voice messages

Perhaps the biggest problem is communication when working from home or going remote. We all know that mobile phones are a big distraction but are an excellent medium for communication but let’s face phone notifications are pretty distracting even when you choose to ignore them.Plus other famous tools like Zoom, Google meet, Skype are really effective but are very high on data consumption. For many this may be a small problem but actually not that small when it comes to the majority of users working remotely, they have to be careful about their internet data consumption. 

With the Staff Timer App we have an option of sending audio clips for task assignment where you can not only assign tasks via recording but team members have the option to add comments and/or file attachments to keep communication going direct and straightforward.

Advanced reporting 

Nothing can replace the charm of being at the workplace but Staff timer app provides you with extreme near workplace experience. With its feature of intelligence reports, you can check the total time spent on each task, including app and URL tracking along with visual insights that tells total productivity and idle (non productive) time via keystroke and mouse activities.

All these features combine to give you an all in one solution to manage your remote teams even to all the way from Durham you can manage employees working from poole. 

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