Keystroke and Mouse activity

Calculate the total idle vs. productive time spent throughout the day.

How it’s done?

Activity level per day

  • Each 1-minute interval has its own screenshot with keyboard & mouse activity level
  • Generated based on the number of mouse clicks & keystrokes per day
  • See green color bar indicating overall progress

Activity level per minute

  • See exact amount of mouse clicks & keystrokes per minute
  • See calculated idle time by percentages

Apply filters

  • Easily find more detailed information on the top of the screen
  • Use filters to check out the data on total progress, & idle time of any specific day.

See Analytics

Through a powerful back office, get a statistical view of keystrokes combined with mouse activity, total progress, and idle time percentages. The average work per day is calculated based on active and inactive keystrokes and mouseclicks.

Why it’s important?

Total openness increases employee productivity by:

  • Minimizing their overall idle time
  • Allowing them to better utilize resources
  • Enabling them to assess their performance