Track Time for
your employees

tasks and projects

  • Flawless Time Tracking correct to the minute.
  • Track the health of your projects.
  • Evaluate the productivity of your employees.
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for flawless tracking

  • One screenshot captured every minute.
  • Screenshots used to track time for employees.
  • Screenshots give proof for employee activity.
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Capture Screens
of Employees

right away

  • Click the button to capture employee’s screen view.
  • Know what the employee is up to in the moment.
  • Real Time monitoring solution for remote teams.
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View through
Screen Sharing

in real time

  • Get visual access to your employees screen.
  • View the ongoing activity of the distant team.
  • Resolve work issues with collective effort.
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Remotely Monitor
the Employee

through webcam

  • Ensure the real identity of your employee.
  • Supervise the remote team in Real Time.
  • Form a human connection with remote teams.
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through artificial intelligence

  • The assortment of Screenshots classified using AI.
  • Train the software to categorise the Screenshots.
  • Let the Adaptive system do all the mundane work.
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Indepth and
Extensive Reports

with valuable insights

  • Get reports for the hours spent on your projects.
  • View charts and graphs for your team’s progress.
  • Classify billable and non-billable hours.
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and Privacy

of keystrokes

  • No keystroke logging for the employees.
  • Cyber safety and security ensured.
  • Reliable environment for the team.
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Valuable Information

In today’s world, the Private Information is tremendously valuable. And hence it’s protection is of utmost importance so that the users feel safe and secure while using a software product.

Remote monitoring
and Confidentiality

Many employees are vary of Remote Monitoring software and it makes sense since a monitoring software can intercept a lot of data. Being accessed and viewed by 3rd party can be certainly make anyone nervous!

Be safe with us

While many Time Tracking Software seem like an invasion of the employee’s privacy as they intercept the keyboard activity to track time and activity of users, StaffTimerApp is free from covert Keystroke logging. Hence there is no chance of theft of Bank Account Numbers and passwords!

What Time Tracking offers


Have no worries about privacy because we don’t track your keystrokes.

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    No Cyber Theft

    As StaffTimerApp is Keystroke Confidential, the likelihood of cyber theft reduces to minimum.

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    Employees feel comfortable

    We ensure that the employees do not feel that their privacy is violated. It aims at providing a comfortable environment.

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    No URL tracking

    We do not implement Time Tracking through URL tracking hence your browsing history remains private.

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    Data remains private

    Your activities remain private. No information of confidential nature is stored by us!

Save your projects from detracking.

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