Milk Cookies and Staff Timer App’s watchlist

Milk Cookies

Most of us are very happy that 2020 is finally coming to an end, a year that has brought nothing but tears and pain to the entire globe. However the new year is expected to bring in some good news with the vaccine on the way it is already looking good.

Since this right here is about the holiday season and what better way to enjoy the holiday season than enjoying it with a long watchlist of classic or new holiday flicks.something to end your holidays and year with cheerful memories and good time spent with your family and loved ones.  

Keeping this in mind we at Staff Timer App compiled a list of the classic holiday flicks including some of the new and a few guilty pleasures that you can enjoy during the most awaited season of the year.

So without further adieu here it is the list of your most watchable classical treats over the holidays:

Jack Frost

Now since your timers are off and you want to spend a fantastic family time, this suggestion is straight from the core of time tracking app.This has to be the first name on any Holiday watch list no matter the year. Frosty the snowman is one of Micheal Keaton’s top films. This is the one you can watch with your kids, a good family film with a lot of depth and character in it. This movie is a perfect bonding film with your gen-z kids and that is why we keep it on the top of our list. So get those milk and cookies out and burn the fireplace for some quality family time and a splendid movienight altogether.

Home Alone

How can any christmas be complete without binge watching the Mcauly Culkin’s epic Home Alone the franchise has a fan base unlike any other, everyone who has watched this belongs to different age sections. It is equally popular amongst adults as it is amongst kids. This is a fun movie that will leave you LMAO during the entirety of it. It is a feel good and a good watch film that allows you to escape the harsh realities of the world and compliments the snowy seasons.

The Groundhog Day

Now even though this particular flick is not entirely based on christmas but is based on an actual holiday. However it is a classic when it comes to Holidays film, this is one of the films that will leave you always looking over your shoulder. It follows a cliche concept: “what is a perfect day?” Bill Murray delivers a convincing and exceptional portrayal of a disgruntled man who hates the “groundhog day”. It is a good date night film, with a twitch of morality in it.

Last Christmass

Everyone wants a date night around holidays and this season is certainly not different, you want to have a date night, or if you can’t you atleast want to feel like having a date night. This is a film you can watch in your room alone and in a blanket on your laptop. This is a fuzzy warm film that leaves you wanting after watching the film, watch this at night alone in a dim room and have a good time. It’s a relatively modern film but, hey it’s a good watch.

Now these are the films that have those feel good factors about them, a slight romcom, an adventurous comedy, a family movie if you will. Having said that it is high-time to mention that Staff Timer App has launched its latest version, which is sleek, smarter and pleasing on the eye. Don’t forget to check that out here Now we move to a part of the blog where we discuss the adults or those films that are looking towards.

American Horror Stories

What’s better than a horror gritty show in the middle of a cold night? The answer might not be what i have in mind, but still it does have its own charms you would agree right.

This might not be synonymous with holiday films, it is not a film in itself it is a series. This series is a guilty pleasure for more people. This is a binge watch guilty pleasure although there is nothing new in it for most of the people. It is one of those watches that will allow you to have a good 5 hours after dark and you can host a great watch party and enjoy that holiday feast, or at least you’ll get to watch Lady Gaga in all her glory.

Peaky Blinders

Bringing to your watchlists Britain’s favourite gangster, cold, gritty and heartless, everything we hope not to be on holidays. However this sensation has evolved to a global likeness. There is hardly anyone who has not heard of the British Epic named Peaky Blinders. This is a real treat for those who want to indulge in something more than just time-killing. There is nothing better out there than “Cillian Murphy’s” adaptation of Thomas Shelby the cold-hearted gangster is perfect to indulge you for an entirety of the holiday season. So by the “Order of Peaky Blinders” your holiday season will be much more eventful.

The Witcher

This holiday season: “Toss a coin to your witcher”. If you have grown up playing “The Witcher” this might get your taste buds excited with Henry Cavil. This is a watch you will not forget it is meticulously interwoven into a story that is sure to make your senses tingle with the vastness of the universe. The overwhelming story is sure to leave you wanting and have an eventful holiday even if you are locked up in your home.

Haunting on the Hill House

So if you want something colder than the season this is what i will recommend you. This is one of the series you will be looking into during the holidays and will surely send shivers down your spine. The dim lights in your room at night will just add to your mood and will keep you up all night throughout your holiday.

The Office Christmas Party

We do virtually and possibly everything we can to impress our clients, you do not need to look far away you can look at your own self. Keeping this in mind, what better way to impress a client than to throw a christmas bash. How can you ignore this gem when on a holiday, the Office Christmas Party must be there in your watchlist. It is a humorous take on the extents that people do to impress their clients and the effects they have on their office. It is a humorous satire on life and certainly one to watch.

Now these are a few of our favourites now this is not the absolute list that you want to have but it is certainly a list that will keep you occupied throughout your holiday and you will guarantee have a great time. So put your slippers on, that bottle of wine and burn up your fireplace.
Remember that you might be working through your holidays so keep your watchlist filled and your timers on.