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During the early years of the new millennium, a blog was primarily a forum where a single individual shared his views and opinions about a certain niche.

Perez Hilton, who often annoyed celebrities with his ramblings, was one of the pioneers of entertainment blogging. But over the past several years, blogging has evolved into an elaborate field.

Today, there are many diverse kinds of blogs, covering every area one could possibly imagine. With blogging being an elaborate, innovative and fast paced field, more often than not, blog owners hire writers and authors who share the same passion and ideas as them.

Food bloggers hire chefs who have a knack for experimental cooking or a food journalist who visits restaurants and produces honest reviews. Similarly, entertainment bloggers hire writers who are up to date about the happenings of the la la land.

Since finding people in close vicinity, who have such precise qualities, is hard, bloggers often hire remote writers who can produce exactly the kind of content that they are looking for. And this is when Virtual Office Software comes into the picture.

Why the need of Virtual Office Software arose

Many writers bill by the hour and this creates an uncomfortable situation for the employers and the employees. Employees often are not sure:

  1. how much time does it exactly take to produce content for an individual writer.
  2. if the employees waste time on activities not related to work and include them in the billable hours as well.
  3. if the employees actually spent time on research or were they simply wondering over the internet.
  4. about the productivity and profitability of a certain writer.

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Many of the woes of blog owners could be addressed using Remote Time Tracking software. Even though internet has been popular for more than two decades now, Virtual Office Software has only made it to the market several years ago and they are tremendously effective at helping out employers in managing their teams and giving a push to the productivity.

Writers go through many phases before a good quality article takes shape. This includes tracking information, organising the information, using software for identifying effective keywords and finally writing and publishing the article.

Remote employee monitoring can help both the writers and blog owners in getting a clear picture of how time is spent in putting up an article together.

How a Virtual Office Software helps bloggers

A Virtual office software tailored to the needs of a blogger could boost the productivity of your team and the profitability of your business to a great extent. Following features can especially help a blog owner.

  1. Remote monitoring has become possible by the Software available for Time Tracking. Now a blog owner can hire writers without worries due to inadequate monitoring options.
  2. Precise reports of work progress, productivity and time spent on a project let a blog owner know how apt a writer is. These evaluation statistics can help a blogger do the math necessary to boost profits.
  3. They can help a client in diagnosing habits of employees that cause a decline in productivity. Is the writer not very well versed with the subject and spends too much time on the internet while learning about it? It means he’s not very competent. Does the writer get distracted a lot by all the social media apps, thats a problem that could be solved by diligent tracking.


If you are a blogger and you want your business to become more productive, start using a Time Tracking Software!

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