Infographic: Emerging Challenges and Future of Freelance Work

Emerging Challenges and Future of Freelance Work

In recent years, freelancing has become a desirable mode of work for skilled workers at an unprecedented level. There are a variety of reasons involved, some are working mothers, some are students struggling with debt and financial challenges. The future of freelance work will provide opportunities for different kinds of workers worldwide.

Not everybody could opt for part-time jobs due to various handicaps in their personal lives. Full-time jobs came with their own limitations and downsides. 

Many started to find their desktop jobs as boring and monotonous. Not only that long hours in commute added to the misery. Work/life balance was the primary sacrifice. Remote work gave an outlet out of this restrictive environment. Not only that absence of job security, workplace politics, or lack of appreciation were other factors involved.

Moreover, some skills were short in the market and freelancers with an advanced skill set took complete advantage of their potential and started earning more than full-time workers. Even though this income wasn’t stable and many risk factors were clearly ignored by remote workers.

With a rising trend of flex work. There are certain challenges, and risks associated with it. Here are some of the most pressing concerns occurring for future freelancers.


Infographics on the Emerging Challenges and Future of Freelance Work


It’s very natural that every beneficial trend brings in its own disadvantages as well. Best of both worlds isn’t possible to get. Sense of isolation took its toll on the mental health of many freelancers.

However, there are many possible solutions to it. Coworking spaces are on the rise in larger cities of the world. Even though for developing countries it can be difficult to find such spaces. But in any case, it depends upon individuals.

Some want the freedom of freelance work but the perks of a full-time job. And that is not feasible. One can develop a vibrant social life if they have the resources. 

Either one can be in control of their work lives or they must compromise with full-time job requirements. Some companies offer both modes of work but they are not in abundance.

Likewise, its a challenge for employers as well to maintain data security with flex workers. This too can be fixed with proper training, precautions taken and careful management. There is no lock that doesn’t have a key, every problem has a solution ultimately.

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