How Artificial Intelligence is changing the World

Artificial Intelligence and human working

Sci-Fi and AI

Artificial Intelligence has been a subject of speculation ever since it was born. Sci-Fi writers and movie makers have been toying with the idea of robots and Uber-intelligent machines taking over the world and defeating human beings to the point of annihilation.

They romanticise the notion of migrating to Mars in order to save the human race. But is that really the way AI is headed towards? Not really.

AI has given birth to a plethora of applications ranging from medical wonders to virtual office software.

Will Artificial Intelligence eat up all the jobs?

For many years, corporate analysts argued that the automation will take over jobs and people will dwell into joblessness. But if we look at the past and see how has automation changed the world, the picture is not quite hopeless.

Instead, its full of hope, but a different kind of hope, innovative hope!
In the past, all the work in the factories was done manually, like packing commodities etc. But today, that is not the case. Most of these jobs have been replaced by machines.

The machines are much faster and accurate at getting the low-value chores done. They are less prone to getting lazy or feeling sleepy. Hence the work is done at a better and more profitable pace. This example fits the scenario of machines taking over human jobs.

But in reality, most people do not want these low end jobs anymore! This mundane donkey work is discouraging and demeaning for an intelligent person.

In fact, in the recent times, labor shortage has been reported by manufacturing companies in various states of the USA. There are not enough people to do the jobs and labor shortage becomes a challenge for businessmen.

So we can say that AI is making the mundane work for businesses more profitable. And it is allowing people to look for better and more fulfilling livelihood options.

AI and the New World!

Virtual brain on building
A closer look at the industry will tell how Artificial Intelligence is helping the humanity in many ways and actually also adding more jobs in the job market.

The Glaucoma diagnosis had been boggling doctors for years.

The addition of symptoms in an already long list that identifies potential Glaucoma patients has made it very hard for doctors to narrow down the people who can become affected with the disease. But now AI has made its way into the medical field.

AI powered Glaucoma applications are making near-accurate judgements about the probability of a person becoming affected with the disease. And this has really helped people in maintaining a lifestyle that protects them from the ailment.

AI powered apps creating new jobs

Moving into the Corporate World, Artificial Intelligence has made the lives of people easier. Amy and Andrew Ingram of work all day, all night scheduling meetings for the users at the hours that the users have available.

It saves a lot of time for the users as they do not have to send emails back and forth in order to schedule a meeting.

Furthermore, another very interesting application is Fin. Fin, a digital personal assistant, is a mix of artificial intelligence and human intelligence. It is capable of scheduling meetings, booking flights, setting up coffee meet overs and a lot of things that a busy person hires a Personal Assistant for.

Now one might argue that this means that the era of Personal Assistants is over. But this application has given birth to a new stream of jobs, the operations personnel that contribute the human intelligence part of this application.

These people specialise in services sector and are trained to make intelligent choices based on the preferences of the users of Fin, the Artificially Intelligent component of Fin is not capable of making complex decisions as it does not understand human psychology and lacks wisdom.

Hence, AI powered tools have created job opportunities for people, contrary to the popular belief of AI stealing jobs.

AI powered Virtual Office software creates tonnes of Remote jobs and opportunities

Another very useful Artificial Intelligence powered employee productivity tracking software is StaffTimerApp. It is a Time Tracking solution that uses AI and Machine Learning to calculate billable and non-billable hours.

This application has enabled remote workers around the world to work from the comfort of their homes. They can work from their home office and get paid.

This way a lot of people from the third world states who possess unique and valuable skills have been able to find livelihood. The employers who previously felt nervous about hiring remote employees due to the fear of being cheated now feel confident because they have the evidence of activities of the remote employees.

They can use it as a Screen monitoring software to view the activities and progress of the employees. This opens up new avenues for the skilled workers around the world.

Moreover, the employers can be sure of their employees’ identity by using video monitoring feature, hence virtual office management takes place.


So we can rightly claim that Artificial Intelligence powered employee monitoring software has made possible a new stream of jobs that was previously not available.

Hence, AI might consume a large number of mundane jobs but it will create a new pool of jobs that didn’t exist before!

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