Future of Freelancing and Challenges Associated With It

With the rise of tech trends, limitations and challenges associated with 9 to 5 jobs, and a shortage of required skills have triggered the growth of remote work opportunities.

However as soon as the demand is growing, competition is growing as well. Coupled with competition, there are certain challenges and handicaps associated with the future of freelancing work.

Human resources are finding it hard to hire an appropriate workforce

No doubt there is an abundance of workforce available in the market but that doesn’t imply they are worthy of getting hired. There is a constant and rapid technological growth that demands a variety of skills that might not be readily available. Therefore finding a remote workforce remains as an only option. 

But the challenge is…

This increasing requirement for a technically advanced workforce has made life hard for basic tech users available for freelancing. Things are not rosy for them anymore. Simple content writing with no SEO knowledge is not worth it.

More and more graphic designers, software developers, web developers/designers, photoshop editors, and similar skills are in demand. So basic tech skills are failing to take their place or get entertained. 

Regardless of that freelance is in vogue

According to the Harvard business review report, 96 companies were surveyed with 18,000 employees but at least 70% were working freelance once in a week. The reasons are obvious. More and more time spent at the workplace and demands of the corporate sector has affected the work/life balance of employees.


Man working on laptop


Nobody wants to miss the event at their child’s school, or not being able to spend quality time with family. Before there was a misconception that its only women who feel under pressure of full-time jobs. Even though men feel similarly trapped. More and more companies according to the report of upwork offering flex options. This clearly indicates that the future belongs to freelance. 

What other limitations, does full-time work impose?

Other than lack of work/life balance, long hours in commute and pressures of meeting deadlines have added to the misery. Some people feel put off from politics at the workplace, lack of appreciation or unrealistic expectations. Freelance offers an escape from all of these.

Remote work put one in control of their own work pace. And lack of control is one of the biggest grievances a worker. Freelancing comes with liberation. An Earth trotter who feels restricted in one place can now travel and still work.

But nothing gives you an entire universe

Everything, every pleasure comes with its own drawbacks and challenges. Life is a struggle be it personal or professional. And humans don’t feel gratitude for whatever the blessing they have. First, they seek freedom of work then they crave for social life. One of the biggest complaints freelancers make is loneliness.


Woman working from home


They are at home and with family but still perplexed. Now the concern is, ‘’we miss having lunches with coworkers’’, ‘’we miss getting feedback from seniors’’. And the list is endless. This has cultivated a feeling of severe loneliness that can potentially lead to depression.  And depression, as we all know, can hinder our activity in the worst form. 

How to cure the sense of alienation that comes with remote work

There is an emerging trend of coworking spaces where freelancers can come and work together. However, this option is mostly available in developed cities in progressive countries.

A freelancer in some remote rural area of a third world country won’t have access to it. An option is to work in public space that can be available in form of small coffee shops even in villages. Other than that there is a solution to get connected with the rest of the team members across the globe.

Even though most viable solution can be to keep a   job with flex option of few weekdays. That can provide both a fulfilling work life and quality time to spend with friends and family.

Data security at the disposal of freelancers

One sensitive issue is companies are putting security of their data in peril by letting their remote employees access it from unsecured networks. A private internet connection at home is secure, but freelancers connecting through public wifi are adding to risk.


Future of freelancing


Therefore only responsible remote workers should be hired with better reviews. Even though those reviews are work related not indicating how that person maintained privacy. But it definitely demonstrates responsibility and a dutiful employee shall keep the trust of their employer/client intact. 


Regardless of all the limitations and challenges, freelancing shall take over future markets with the majority of the workforce employed remotely in the coming decades. Besides, technology has made things easier that is adding towards the demands of flex work.

Employers or clients can now monitor their remote workers though staff time tracking software, thus knowing their productivity levels. Also ensuring if the decided number of hours was utilized or project took the mentioned time to be completed. Therefore employers don’t need to worry about the lack of micromanagement of their employees. 

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