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July 31, 2019
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6 most common workplace challenges and how to cope with them!

Common workplace challenges

We have to face challenges during every phase of our life, be it educational, personal or professional. Life is all about challenges. These hurdles and struggles to reach our goals define who we are. It’s not the complexity of an issue that matters but how people deal with it. It’s an agreed-upon fact that some people seem to cope with workplace challenges better than others.

Likewise, in the workplace, one gets to face many challenges. Especially for the newbies entering the workforce, it can be quite unsettling. Here, we will discuss some common workplace challenges faced by employees and solutions to deal with them.

Student life is over!

For many, entering a professional life after college is a bit overwhelming. No doubt, at some point in time, we all were addicted to our previous, self-created schedules, and laid back attitude. The same is the case with amateur professionals. Now, that companies are relying on your expertise to bring value and success to businesses,  it’s crucial for you to have discipline in your lives.

Take more responsibility for the work. After all, it was for the same professional development you had studied all these years. 
We do agree, that it takes a while to adjust but being lazy won’t get you anywhere. Fitting in can be a daunting task, but worth making an effort.

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Stay away from trouble-making colleagues

Did you deal with troubling classmates or bullies back in school? Now its an extension of that. Throughout one’s life, you will face competitors, rivals, jealous freaks and leg pullers. Even among friends, such species aren’t an anomaly. So act normal when you encounter them. 

How to deal with them?

They can be either gossipmonger, backstabbers, or even work-place bullies. The real task is how are you going to deal with them? Your best response should be indifference. Don’t react! All they want to extract from you is a reaction. Once you give in to their manipulative agendas, you are trapped in a cycle of negativity. Ignoring them is the best possible route to escape. 

No need to involve your supervisor, or at worst an employer as it only shows how touchy-feely you are. And that you are incapable to cope with troubling coworkers. But do reach out to them if the situation is getting out of your hands. Involve your supervisor or employer only if it’s direct bullying or harassment, which is also an offense by law.  If the said person is damaging your reputation or spreading rumors, it’s better to discuss it with HR. 

People interacting in workplace

Teamwork challenges in the Workplace

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller


Yes, teamwork is a backbone for the success of any project. If team members have a disagreement over the execution of a certain task, and they cant seek to resolve the issue. Then high chances; that your project is bound to suffer. Not only that, but a slacking member can also have a damaging effect. It’s not possible to bring forward work smoothly if half of the team is passive, another half active. 

Learn to handle your ‘difficult’ clients effectively

For jobs that require dealing with clients or customers, sometimes you get to deal with difficult ones

They may be running around frantically like chickens with its head cut-off. Bothering you on weekends or calling late at night to discuss project details. They may make your team cry but no matter how difficult your client is; stay calm, listen to their needs and concerns. Give a prompt reply and offer a solution.  In short, learn to handle your clients since client-employee relationships are of utmost importance for businesses. 


Client angry at the worker

Anxious about your career goals?

One major factor in inducing workplace pressure is how to reach your career objectives? Sometimes it’s for promotion, salary increment, diversity in work or seeking acknowledgment alone. At times you are over-performing but nobody is noticing, you have two ways out. Either do the normally expected work alone or make your presence felt. Do make a progress report, and record your accomplishments to share with your seniors and co-workers. 

Always actively seeking new challenges and a variety of tasks? 

Even if you aren’t assigned one you can always volunteer. This way you can break yourself away from the clutches of monotony in work. 
Sometimes there are glass ceilings that act as obstacles in your career advancement. You need to identify them first and then address those issues. Develop strong work relations, discuss your plans with your supervisor and get yourself noticed. Nothing is beyond human capacity, you can always manage to rise. 

Time management is crucial

Suppose you are assigned with multiple tasks but you don’t know how to coordinate and work about them? The workload can be stressful but not difficult to manage if you organize your tasks tactfully. Assign time for each of them, and keep a check if you are executing them within the expected timeframe. 

But it can be daunting to keep track. And you might face disappointment if you couldn’t organize them as you wanted. This can trigger a feeling of not being able to deliver thus making you disheartened. It’s not about being an overworked or extra burden. Even organizing routine tasks in a disciplined manner can be a huge challenge. Time is of the essence of professional life. 

The best way…

… to tackle this problem is to choose a reliable time tracking app such as this. An employee monitoring software can help you track your time consumed, tasks executed in the assigned timeframe and follow your progress practically. Manually developing timesheets or just keeping their track mentally rarely work. You need an actual and accurate monitor to keep you aware and active. 
Have you ever encountered workplace challenges? Yes, we thought so. Share with us in the comment section below.