How To Not Get Distracted and Stay Focused at Workplace

How To Not Get Distracted

Workplace and professional life carry many challenges, one of those is simply getting distracted. The reasons are not limited to any particular kind. Some of the most common and troubling ones are addressed here.

Some colleagues are factories of noise pollution

While some healthy chit chat or even cracking a joke once in a while is healthy with coworkers. But some inherently seek overdose. They just can’t stay focused on their work or let others do the same. Even their sitting postures can cause vibration across the whole table.


colleagues talking with each other


They will constantly try to nudge you or drag you into their useless chattering. As a result, by the end of the day, you will be rushing like headless chickens to meet deadlines.

How to fix them? 

Various forms of treatment can be applied to them. If they repeatedly address you, start wearing headphones so they know you aren’t available to chat. But some fellas are hell stubborn to disturb others. Create a distance! Moving away from your current location can be an escape while you are trying to concentrate.

Choose a peaceful corner in your office. Only a creep will come after you there. Try to communicate your concerns to them in a polite manner but if they still happen to ignore, then talking to seniors remains an alternative.

Even a work environment can be a nuisance

Sometimes you are working on an important task for a period longer than your colleagues were required to. They are a bit relaxed, and done with the heavier work of the day. They may want to have some fun time but you are getting disturbed.

It’s not on purpose vendetta against you so don’t hesitate in making it known. Do tell them that you need a space. Also, keep your surroundings clean, otherwise seeing clutter around can make you feel irritated and then distracted obviously. 

Keep the social media temptations away! 

How many likes my latest pic received? Well if you posted a recent pic of yours to flaunt away your latest branded dress or lunch in a posh cafe. You are going to have a constant urge to checking your social media account to see how many likes or comments you got?

If your phone remains right in front of you. No matter how hard you resist, you gonna break your resolve after some time. 


Employees distracted on phone


So basically switch off your phone and place it at some remote albeit secured area. So the idea of it being away from reach can deter your motivation for wasting time. 

Emails aren’t the most important business

Some people start wasting their peak productive hours in time consuming and least valuable task of responding to the emails. Try to answer them in between important assignments. Even then see which emails are worthy of reply and which ones are to mark spam. 

Sleep recharges your physical energy

A good amount of sleep and consistent sleeping pattern are necessary to remain active at work. Otherwise, you will feel drowsy and listless so a healthy lifestyle is a key to focus. Never forget to add a nutritious diet. 

Some soul searching is necessary

Sometimes the fountain of distraction is located inside you. Explore and fix it. Any form of stress or long-standing depression can contribute towards it. If you are facing some struggle in your personal life you will naturally feel diverted at work. Talk to your seniors or mentors.

Discuss to find a way out. Maybe a flexible work routine or readjustment of workload schedule. Or if you need more time you can utilize your reserved holidays to fix the issue and return to work with revitalized energy. 

Its a bigger issue for freelancers!

When you are working from home, you can have a long list of distractions. It can be your attention-seeking pet or a child. It can be a sibling listening to loud music or the sound of the washing machine. All you need is a peaceful corner at home or maybe at a nearby coffee house.

Choose a space that comforts you the most. Wear headphones to block distracting noise. Turn off the phone. And indulge kids or pets with some activity. 

But still, there is a chance you end up wasting time. Then a foolproof answer is using a staff time monitoring tool. Yes, your client can confirm that you worked for the decided number of hours and won’t create trouble while paying you.

But it will help you to stay organized as well. When you know you are being monitored with time tracking software. A little reason is there to let distractions overcome you. 

Not only for freelancers employee monitoring software can help any employee to stay safe from distractions. When one knows they have to complete a particular task or tasks in that given time. They will try their best to remain focused and deliver as much as they can. 

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