How Artificial Intelligence is increasing Employee Productivity?

Artificial Intelligence is increasing Employee Productivity

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence, there is a lot of uncertainty revolving around the future of human employment. Regardless, this doubt about ‘robots taking our jobs’ isn’t completely baseless. There is little done to enhance awareness regarding AI technology and its implications. 

Evidently, the benefits outnumber the disadvantages but unfortunately, with lack of awareness comes fear towards the emergence of self-conscious AI. Automation and AI, will change everything about life and how we do things? In short, it is transforming the world. 

Make humans Aware of the importance of AI

Artificial Intelligence is an intriguing concept that has fascinated mankind for years. There have been amazing breakthroughs in AI, and machine learning altogether. Machines, using this technology can perform complicated problems, which once was impossible for the human mind. 

Yet, there has been significant debate regarding the risks and concerns about AI being too smart for laymen. Fear, that, AI will take over our lives one day, is prevailing.

A blessing in Disguise?

Although the implications of Artificial Intelligence might sound detrimental to mankind. This technology is not a curse, but rather a blessing in disguise. It’s a duty of organizations and governments to invest in raising awareness among the masses about how it can have positive effects on our day to day productivity. 


Man and AI robot working together

Will robotics actually replace humans one day?

One of the major concerns among people is: what will be the future of our jobs? And why should we invest in the development of such technology using our taxes that is going to work against us? They should know that proceeding with smart strategies lessens any trouble or harm. 

Even though robots might already be taking our jobs. But it’s unlikely that it can ever replace jobs involving intellectual, literary, or emotional attributes. The biggest effect will be a change in how humans work. It will change the skills, the tasks and the way of doing jobs. But, it might not strip you off of your jobs, entirely. 

As for STEM students

The government needs to invest more in producing AI specialists in the future. So basically educated ones are not going to face a setback. Now coming to the labor force, many manual tasks won’t be available anymore. True. 

But wait, hasn’t it been the case historically? Kings used to have slaves to fan them or real-time entertainers for leisure. Now electricity replaced fanning and broadcast media eroded a need for court or street comedians. So should we give up on these inventions and get back to the stone age? No. Then why reluctance now? 

Automated technology helping human manpower

As discussed above, there is a huge fear in this regard that robots are going to replace human jobs. A robot can’t be a writer, artist or a political theorist, just to name a few. 

Likewise, since robots are developed by the human mind, so more humans are needed to keep it functioning. Robots can not fix themselves if hit by some functional error. Manual tasks like data entry or similar repetitive functions can be taken over by robotics. 


Artificial intelligence helping man in work

With robotics, there is a higher chance of accuracy than humans. They can multitask and process thousands of entries in seconds. For instance, in the medical or legal sector, robots can help make a diagnosis or legal documentation in much lesser time than usually taken. So basically robots are there to increase human productivity as helping hands.  

Automated machines have helped to ease the process at factories, industries, and the agricultural sector. Keeping everything in mind, Human manpower is still in control. Tractors and trolleys put trouble of farmers at a halt and didn’t oust humans from their work.

Artificial Intelligence as a productivity booster

AI technology for sure has the potential to enhance productivity in the workplace but it’s not as widely used as it should have been. Let’s discuss some of the ways in which Artificial Intelligence seems to be increasing employee’s productivity.

Ever heard of the language of mind?

Neuro-linguistic programming also known as NLP is a process of involving mental processes that are converted into language thus formulating our behaviors. Which not only include our personal lives but more precisely professional one. On the personal side, you are familiar with the people you are dealing with. But in the professional realm, it’s your communication, body language or expressions that can make or break businesses. 

This AI-based program helps to identify strengths and weaknesses embedded in one’s subconscious. Not only that they can detect the negative signaling in their behaviors that might deter many clients and work-based relations. 

It’s like learning the language of the mind. How to eradicate barriers in better communication and be more productive at the workplace. And that can be done with the help of NLP designed by therapists and programmers to foster strong work relations.

Facial recognition

When a friend tags us on facebook, no matter how different we look across various photos. Facebook always recognizes us. How does it happen? Machine-based deep learning-enabled this software to act as flawless as possible.

Machine learning use algorithms to parse data. Which makes it efficient in facial recognition, biometrics, or data storage. It’s capable of even developing driverless cars, or recommend movies.


Artificial Intelligence Interacting with people

How facial recognition can enhance productivity in the workplace? 

In many countries, buddy punching practice exists. This means that one employee arriving on time could manually mark the attendance of a friend even if he was an hour late. AI-based or Biometric system of marking attendance relieved employers from this trouble now they always know who came when? Thanks to machine-based deep learning technologies. 

AI-based Softwares and Security

In the present age of cybercrime and terrorism. Security-based software has helped in identifying many trouble makers. For instance in USA SMMS( Social media monitoring software) is in action to identify potential criminals or a malicious individual. Likewise, China uses facial recognition software to maintain security.

The machine-based real-time monitoring system is used for security and surveillance in the corporate world. We are not living in the 90s where the only way for staff monitoring was micromanagement. It lets you record everything you work on using its magical memory. All data is secured using advanced algorithms and applications of machine learning.

Now you can monitor even your remote workforce while sitting in the comfort of your home using AI-based technologies. The system is so automated that it can easily detect how much time was consumed in productive work, and how much was wasted or procrastinated upon. It’s saving resources of companies worldwide. 

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