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Employee monitoring features you need for your teams

An effortless time tracking software for global and in-house teams.

Real-time monitoring

Record & Assign task

Keystroke & mouse activity

Task tracking


Screenshot every minute

Daily work videos

Intelligence reports

Successfully plan & manage projects with Staff Timer App

Easily create & assign new projects

Through Staff timer app, easily structure projects for
allocating resources, time estimations, and assigning
team members.


Assign tasks through audio clips

Assign projects and tasks to team members through
audio clips and written messages along with file


Track productivity through visuals & video Report

Observe employee productivity level through image/video logs
and intelligent reporting. Track time spent on specific tasks and
extract reports to accurately measure app and URL usage to
improve processes.


Team insights and plan accordingly

Based on the data analysis from real-time monitoring, gain
insights into overall productivity, plan for staffing demands,
improve work processes, and learn which projects offer the
highest possible profitability.


Unlock massive benefits with Staff timer app

Productivity analysis

  • Measure productivity of remote teams
  • Collect proof of actual working hours
  • Identify unproductive employee habits
  • Automatically calculate daily productivity

Project management

  • Track projects with set timelines
  • Detailed reports on project progress
  • Streamline your entire work processes
  • Get notified when a task is assigned

Time management

  • Manage your time effectively
  • Spend less time on trivial activities
  • Deliver tasks and projects on time
  • Stay organized and away from stress

Insights into employees

  • Centralize resources & better plan future
  • Regularly check on your team’s progress
  • Know exactly what employees are doing
  • See employee’s screens in real-time

Save time, manage projects, monitor teams & keep growing

Use filters to check out the data that’s most crucial such as daily, weekly, or monthly hours.

Giving you exactly what you want

Want to personalize your setup? Then you are in good hands!

Custom integrations

On-demand integrations to connect the apps you use everyday


Stand out from the rest with extra features


Deploy Stafftimer App & all the data on your servers