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November 14, 2019
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Tips to make your business Transparent and Ethical

Transparency requires companies to remain open about their business goals, performance, history, and operations. Many businesses are paying attention to forming transparent workplaces. 

It should be one of your primary goals to encourage transparency within your business so that everyone is very well familiar with the who, what, why, when and how of the organization. Once your team knows more about the working processes of the business and feels like they have more access to resources, they will undoubtedly feel more motivated and involved.

Now the most important question; what steps can you take to encourage transparency in your company?

Make the most out of technology

Technology has always something to offer. There are many software and apps you can use to foster a collaborative working environment. If you are not making use of technology to streamline day to day processes, then you are missing out on all the fun that comes with automating the workplace. 

You can use google docs for sharing documents if you are not doing it already. It saves you from the hassle of sharing documents on emails with ample attachments.

In the workplace, it’s hard to communicate with everyone, especially when you are senior management. So an internal messaging app can definitely encourage and open transparent lines of communication within the team as the open conversation is crucial for transparent working.

Moreover, time tracking software can help you build an open working environment. Such apps are always coming up with new and innovative solutions and updates to promote transparency. It shares each employee’s screenshots at regular intervals, using which you can easily identify any loopholes or gaps in performance. A time tracking software also safeguards you from any unethical security or sensitive data breach. 

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Have an open-door policy

Undoubtedly, there are many advantages of using and staying up to date with the newest technology. But having face to face conversations is beyond comparison. Because there is no better way to create trust among employees and encourage a healthy working environment. 

It’s important to have advocates of interpersonal communications within the company. Face to face communication binds people together and inspire transparency and encourage employees to freely share their opinions.

Share your goals and future plans

Share your company’s goals with your team. This can not only help motivate them towards helping you realize those goals but also keeps your team updated with the overall performance. Often this can help galvanize them towards helping you realize these goals. Have weekly meetings to check the progress and disclose future goals and KPIs. It not only helps employees feel empowered but also keeps them informed.

Buffer’s open salary policy is taking companies by the storm. All the salary data of the company is public. Additionally, buffer revealed the formula through which they calculate the salaries of each individual employee. “Salary = job type X seniority X experience + location (+ $10,000 if salary choice).”  

The bottom line is if you haven’t taken any transparency initiatives within your team it’s about time. All the companies looking to retain their employees should build trust and that can only be achieved through transparent working spaces.