Time Tracking Law in Spain: A Precedent for Other States to Follow

Time tracking law in spain

Spain has recently set a precedent by passing time tracking laws for its workforce. Let’s go through the requirements made obligatory by this time tracking law.

  • No matter what the size of the firm is, they will have to comply or else face heavy penalties. 
  • Companies shall have to record daily work hours of their employees with their end times and beginning. 
  • It should be done in a way that ensures transparency. That means the employees and unions have to be informed of their daily tracked time. 
  • It won’t discriminate between full time, part-time or remote employees, and shall be applied to all. 
  • Distribution and duration of a workday have to be made known.
  • Unions should be aware of any overtime made by employees every month.
  • Companies shall have two months to register compliance and are bound to keep a record for four years of data.
  • Failure in compliance shall result in a fine of a few hundred to thousands of euros, depending upon the severity of non-compliance.
  • Not only employees, but social security agencies are also to be presented with records. 

Why time tracking laws are needed?

The reasons are simple. There were heavy abuses of labor rights. Even if employers are bound by law to pay the set wages for hours worked, the problem was how to prove it?

The main issue was keeping track of hours spent in labor or even overtime so nobody could deny payment of a due amount to their workforce. Besides, there were many deliberate discriminations based on gender, race, or religion, etc.


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Due to which employees faced unfair treatment and their rights were usurped. Now with the passage of this law, employers are bound to pay their workforce what their due right is. Regardless of their identities. There were numerous cases of fraud as well when payments were not made. 

How to ensure compliance with these laws?

There is no manual methodology that can ensure 100% transparency. Again deception or breach can infiltrate manual methods thus killing the whole purpose of such laws. Therefore an efficient staff time tracking software is a must-have. Staff Timer app is one such product that can ascertain the number of hours employees actually worked. Otherwise filling up timesheets is a bothersome task that consumes loads of time thus reducing productivity. 

Features it offers

The Stafftimer app offers immaculate features. It caters for on-site, off-site or remote employees all alike. It captures screenshots. But the screenshot feature is optional, if you are involved in off-site or fieldwork, you can opt-out of it.

Not only that it will produce daily intelligent reports that will highlight the level of productivity for each employee. Employers don’t need to worry that this law goes against them and favor the employees most. They too can keep check and balance over the productivity levels of their employees within designated hours.

Which employee can deliver more in less time and which one burns out quickly. Knowing that can help you to distribute hours evenly. And when it comes to wages you don’t need to worry that anything was unjustly extracted from you. Keep only those who are assets for your setup.         


Without employee monitoring software, we can’t imagine adherence to these laws with convenience. Overall this time tracking law passed by Spain offers a unique perspective for other countries to follow.

This law is the need of time to restrict the abuse of labor rights and put an end to various forms of discrimination. Existing laws are not sufficient to prevent violations of workers’ rights. There have to be similar legislative measures in every state to ensure equality. 

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