Best Time Management Software for Software Developers

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Estimate how much time will be spent on a project and bill accordingly

Many software agencies charge clients by the hour. Many freelance developers do the same. A developer or a software house can only give a reasonable ballpark figure only if they know how much time it takes to implement the project.

To develop such insights, previous knowledge of Project Management and effective Time Tracking proves helpful. And this knowledge can be acquired by using the Best Time Management Software.

Track time to improve productivity and get rid of distractions

It is only natural to feel distracted at times. A software developer who spends a major chunk of his day working in front of the screen is bound to spend some time wandering across the social media applications.

While spending a few minutes here and there isn’t really very harmful, but if these sprees become a regular habit and intervene in the progress of a developer, it can cost a lot to not only the developer but also the clients. Best Time Management Software are a great project management tools that are used by many developers around the world, remote or not!

Track time during developing projects as sometimes it can take longer than expected

A software developer often hesitates when he is asked about an estimate for a software project. This is a fact because software development is a tricky business. Time consuming bugs are often lurking around and only become obvious when you’re deep into the abyss of development.

Hence, an initial estimate of time and project cost might not remain relevant. Time Tracking can help the developers a great deal as it chronicles all the ups and downs of a project and this information can be used in future negotiations.

Track time and achieve a work life balance


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Many people opt for remote jobs so that they can achieve a great work life balance. They want to stay at home and spend time with their partners. They want to take time out to water the plants.

They look forward to go watch their kids at soccer practise. But woking from home is no walk in the park. It takes a good deal of time management skills and habits. Many people end up spending more time on work only because they get distracted a lot, become lazy and lose focus.

There is, however, a solution for these issues. Best Time Management Software, that runs in the background and takes note of how you spend each minute can keep a developer on track and save him from losing the focus.

For Managers

Get an idea of what the employee is up to

The managers need to know what their employees are up to. It is important in order to ensure the health the projects, make better plans for future and keep the human resources happy. Deep insights into the activities of an employee are the basic information for management in today’s day and age.

Track to make better estimates with best Time Management Software

Managers track time for the developers in a software house so that they can pitch better estimates to the future clients. It is the job of a manager to come up with useful and reasonable estimates in terms of time and money.

Good estimates turn into profitable business relationships. And good estimates are only possible with the help of successful Time Tracking and Time Management.

Acknowledge the challenges of Software Development

Ever have to explain how Instagram works to your elderly grandpa? Imagine the frustration. Its quite like that when a software developer has to explain the nitty gritty details of the challenges that developers face everyday to their layman managers.

However, manager can acknowledge the challenges faced by the software developers if they can actively track the progress. If they get real time insights about the amount of time that is spent on fixing a bug or implementing a seemingly simple feature, managers can truly acknowledge the challenges faced by programmers and developers.

Don’t pay more OR less

If a manager has to pay a remote employee by hourly rate, time tracking becomes the key method of calculating billable hours. No manager wants to pay more than what the effort is worth.

To solve this conundrum, time tracking is the perfect tool. With a remote time tracking application, managers will only pay for the real work and nothing more.

Similarly, the developers will not be paid less for doing more work simply because their time is properly tracked.

Manage projects better

Time tracking can help a manager in extracting sound insights related to employee capacity, talent utilisation and time management. These insights can help managers do a better job at making plans, executing projects and bringing in business. Hence, Time Tracking is of utmost importance in the Software Engineering Business.

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