Who we are

We are a group of people who have come together due to a shared passion for technology and intelligent adaptive systems. Together we engineer systems using cutting-edge technologies to develop products that help in advancing your goals and missions. Our ideas are unique and our expertise is scientific. This exceptional blend enables us in materialising futuristic concepts!

Who We Are

Why Time Tracking?

We have been creating software for years. And to help our teams connect and manage time, we make use of various software that are available in the market. But we realised that none of them are smart enough and sophisticated enough to deliver the kind of results that we wanted. This pushed us towards developing our on SaaS product.

Why Time Tracking


‘The trouble is, you think you have time’

Every time this quote shows us on our screens, for a moment we realise the importance of every fleeting second. If only this idea becomes permanent in our minds, we would achieve so much more in our lives. Our vision is to inculcate the importance of time in all the professionals around the world!


Realising the dream

We had a lot of fun developing Staff Timer App because the idea was very close to our hearts. We already knew our way around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning so we used the algorithms to come up a Time Tracking software that is not only easy to use and reliable but also extremely intelligent. It works all day long and delivers the fruit at night!

Realising the dream

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